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7/19 c13 veronicaqueen854
this story is so tiring
7/19 c12 veronicaqueen854
why is everyone here so dumb and blind like dont they notice that sakura geek nerd had a pink hair green eyes and this pretty sakura had the same pink hair and green eyes.

i swear they are turning as one of the miraculous characters
7/19 c11 veronicaqueen854
god I hate this ami btch
7/19 c11 veronicaqueen854
stop making a scene naruto,shut up
7/19 c10 veronicaqueen854
I know a classmate who acts just like naruto,sometimes likeable but sometimes punchable. God knows how much I had self-preventation for that stupid goofy idiot
7/19 c7 veronicaqueen854
sorry,but I skipped naruhina scenes so far. Im not guilty
7/19 c6 veronicaqueen854
oh Ino I know you arent another spoiled btich,god I love this woman
7/19 c6 veronicaqueen854
7/19 c4 veronicaqueen854
oh Ino my baby,after sakura ofc. But still you better not be another enemy
7/19 c3 veronicaqueen854
Yeah yeah naruhina *rolls eyes*I wanted Ino to be there for sakura cheering her up but the pig isnt here.
7/19 c1 veronicaqueen854
f u naruto
7/19 c1 veronicaqueen854
A story ruins for me when I always read a hinata scene always fainting *sigh*
8/19/2021 c30 mira.eo
Updated: September 16, 2011

Hn. It's almost ten years now... :')
8/18/2021 c5 mira.eo
...this baka is unbelievable...
3/26/2020 c9 moonluver92
Do a final chapter and end the story so it could be complete.
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