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8/21/2006 c8 3Madd Girl
what melancholy chapter. Its Nymphodora I think.
8/21/2006 c8 19pettybureaucrat
a brooding harry bodes ill for everyone, friends included. I don't see Harry making it through this story at this point. update soon.
8/20/2006 c7 3Madd Girl
Well after the sixth book I kind of didn't like Ginny so...oh well! Great chapter. Who's next!
8/20/2006 c7 19pettybureaucrat
well, that was unpleasant. so, where do we go from here? update soon.
8/19/2006 c6 3Madd Girl
oh Harry knows something no one else does Awesome chapter. loved the battle scene
8/18/2006 c6 19pettybureaucrat
well, a belated present is better than none! good chapter, good fight scene. update soon!
6/30/2006 c5 UniquelyComplicated
its great keep going
6/24/2006 c5 3Madd Girl
That's okay, but I'd rather there be a long chapter worth the wait than a short one just to update soon.
6/24/2006 c5 19pettybureaucrat
I think Hermione is being rather mean to Sir Phirin AND Ron, after all she's so nice to look at! What did Ginny get Harry or do find out about that later? Update soon.
5/12/2006 c4 Crash Slayer
i love your story thus-far but i am not so in love with Mohegan or Foxwoods. not when my parents would rather go there then spend some time with their youngest daughter.
5/11/2006 c4 pettybureaucrat
good chapter, maybe you should make the house Rosebud, little film reference there. Congrats on your good luck. Who DID peek at Hermione? update soon
5/5/2006 c3 ilovethestorys
Good story so far. not much as really happened. Cool idea to give Gryffindor a family. I never really thought about it. Great job.
4/30/2006 c3 3Madd Girl
This was a very good chapter. I like the little piece of Gryffindor history.
4/26/2006 c3 19pettybureaucrat
very interesting chapter, especially the story of Gryffindor. I wonder if it has anything to do with Harry? update soon!
4/9/2006 c2 3Madd Girl
This story is very good but the chapter's are kind of short. Do you thing you could make them a little longer?
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