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5/21/2013 c9 3Spica75
Unless youre really making changes, no need to rewrite, just add more to this.
Pretty decent start it is.
4/24/2010 c8 stark40763
I guess some Rebels did pop into the SG Universe after all if that last part of the chapter is any indication. Also, The Imperials are making Earth's job at developing the Milky Way all the more easier when we eventually beat them. The Holonet itself would come in very handy, not to mention the shipyards. That's if they survive the war intact that is...
3/27/2010 c1 Chriswriter90
Looks like the Imperials might need to step up their space game.

Will we be seeing Tie Avengers and Missile Boats? If so, how long before they figure out that an Avenger can just barely fit through the gate?

Gen. Hamond and Bretak did that once with an abandoned Gua'uld fighter.

Keep it up, can't wait for more.
9/21/2009 c8 Blacksword Zero
6/25/2009 c4 Hobobillybob
Liked the story right up until I read this.

"We know of them on earth because they were part of a major set of entertainment ventures. For all we knew, they were a fiction. Now at least, we know better.”

Stopped reading as soon as I saw it.
5/20/2009 c8 darkfinder
GOOD CHAPTER . found weird early on the empireial force take so many loses .
5/13/2009 c7 sh777
Sounds interesting and is decently good so far. Do update soon.
5/8/2009 c7 9Greenhorne
5/4/2009 c7 darkfinder
interesting but the imperial forces have to be able to take some them on some point . they don't seem that weak .
3/14/2008 c6 darkfinder
glad for more . they need to put up better of a fight .
3/14/2008 c5 darkfinder
just hope answer why they defeated so easy SD MORE MORE POWERFUL .
10/22/2006 c5 12Evan Vave
I like the premise however the aschen should not have been taken over so quickly.

You have to remeber that the Aschen are hundreds of years more advanced than earth. Their small empire consists of several worlds spanning a couple dozen light years. They have ships capable of interstellar travel between these worlds and regularly use the stargate because they dont have to account for stellar drift. The Aschen are master of bioengineering weaponry, at the very least theys hould've set of a bioweapon on their planet rendering it uninhabitable to the new comers. On top of that the Aschen have to be pretty damnd advanced to have been able to hold their own agains the goa'uld (who we know would've wiped them out if they could). Also the Aschens weapons delivery systems must be able to infect ships as well as planets since in 2010, they all bascilly wiped out the goa'uld (and not all goa'uld worlds have stargates, not to mention the goa'uld military installations and space stations).

And on top of that, you saw how powerfully protected the gate command station was guarded in 2010, I'd imagine most if not all top level Aschen buildings would be protected by similar systems making it impossible for ground assults to get inside.
9/26/2006 c5 grayangle
Well then this is still good. Will we see a few Prometheus like smaller ships to the DAEDALUS Battlecruiser? They should have a few smaller ship then Battlecruisers. More please.
9/26/2006 c5 Tatsu-ZZmage
oh for those stupid imperials the truth will be far stranger. if they live long enough. and ya know what i bet teal'c is laughing his ass off, on the inside at least ^_-
9/26/2006 c5 James Axelrad
good chapter.
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