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8/13/2006 c1 Khadijah
Please continue!
6/18/2006 c5 Bluephoenix70
I am so sorry about your dog! My dog died a few months ago so I know how it is. :-( I do hope that you will update this story soon.
6/7/2006 c5 JRP82190
don't worry about it take all the time you need to get over it
6/7/2006 c5 89JosephinePotter03
sorry to hear about your dog, people now adays are such pricks. they'll hit an animal and not even bother to stop and see if its ok cause they're in such a damn hurry, its sickening. sorry for your loss, i know what its like to have a pet pass that you loved.
6/7/2006 c4 JosephinePotter03
that last part was very sweet, especially from hyde. i always know he was a softy with a hard exterior, glad you brought that part out. its a rarity with hyde. you wrote it nicely though, well played.
6/7/2006 c3 JosephinePotter03
i could picture donna kicking the crap out of hyde, hell she use to do that to eric all the time on the show when he was a dumbass. lol, well played. i liked it.
6/7/2006 c2 JosephinePotter03
oh, i wonder where jackie is gonna take him. i hope its sqaure dancing! lol, just kidding. that would be hilarious though!
6/7/2006 c1 JosephinePotter03
i'm loving it so far, this is awesome!
6/6/2006 c5 Layla Jones
i'm incredibly sorry to hear about your dog, I hope you fell better soon!
5/23/2006 c4 32alittlesummerwine
I thought this chapter was sweet! I can't wait to see Christmas with the gang...
5/21/2006 c4 JRP82190
alright an update can't wait for the next chapter
4/22/2006 c3 1pixie-chik
Hey good chapter i liked it... keep it up... please

peace till,

4/14/2006 c3 JRP82190
finnaly an update its really good
4/14/2006 c3 32alittlesummerwine
I hope that Donna doesn't have to kick his ass! But, I have to admit that it would be hilarious if she did it anyway...for Jackie's sake or something. =] Anyway, love it - ready for more!
3/26/2006 c2 1pixie-chik
I had no idea you wrote that 70's show fanfics! I love that 70's show (its my favorite) (i have seasons one and two on dvd) and i love Jackie/Hyde fics. i was thinking about writing one my self.

well anyway i like your story i think im going read your other one know.

ps. sorry im so enthusiastic (that so not how it is spelled whatever...) but im a that 70's show freak

peace till, (from the annoying little pixie who wont leave people alone)

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