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5/26/2003 c2 covetous creature
You have a flawless writing style and a very eloquent vocabulary. The fic WAS a little confusing, but with a little concentration I understood quite well. Please don't stop writing this fic, it's captivating!
12/5/2001 c2 Zamber
This is awsome! I'm really enjoying your story so far. Please continue. I'm looking forward to the next part so much^_^*

12/5/2001 c1 dolly
it was a little too flowery for my taste, but interesting. yeah, reading the other three books before even stepping foot into fandom is reccomended as you're bound to see some spoilers, and you... well, anyways. ;)
9/25/2001 c1 Teagan
Please, please continue this fanfic. There seem to be a shortage of Draco-as-a vampire fics(Is that what he is in this?) Mmwahahaha. Harry and Co. better watch out...
5/16/2001 c1 name
that was boring, but good writing
5/16/2001 c1 2Fisher's Memories
I like it, for some reason I thought of The Cell, hehe. Well is he a vampire? Write more!
5/16/2001 c1 fae
More! This is very cool.
5/16/2001 c1 Bonnie
Oh my gosh that is soo sad! I LVOE YOU DRACCCOOOOOO!
5/16/2001 c1 Nykto
A really mythic Botticelli. Considering the usual trend may one hope the next chapter will be a Rembrandt?
5/16/2001 c1 D.A
That was good. Write more soon, I want to know what happens with Draco!
5/16/2001 c1 jodie
i like where you're going, yet i urge you to read the other 3 books before you write anymore fan fics. i really like your writing technique and style and suggest you should write real stories as you seem very good at it

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