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1/7 c36 8JadeSyan
Another day off from work, time to read another story of yours. Finally Phoebe and Cole got their happy ending they were always denied. I really like your portrayal of all the characters and I even like the OCs which doesn't really happen very often to me when reading fanfictions. Emily was great, a strong personality, Wyatt's perfect match and even Lydia, although she was a bitch, was very thought out as was the entire plot of this story. What I liked the most was having included Bianca into the story. I know quite a lot of Charmed fans never really liked her, but I always did. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Great story! I liked it a lot.
5/25/2020 c36 Bear39
Awesome Story.I love Chris and Bianca happy together stories.
11/21/2016 c36 21Awesomeness2502
I found the story to be very well written and exciting. I love Chris and Cole, they're my favourite male characters so I love stories with them! I was just disappointed with the Chris and Bianca in this story. To be honest I didn't really like her the show and I don't like her in fanfiction. I have no problem with the actress that played her, I just found her character to be annoying and not plot worthy. So the ending of Chris and Bianca was definitely disappointing to me personally. Other than the Chris/Bianca scenes I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I think your writing is amazing!
8/28/2016 c2 Boitumelo923
I have a strong feeling shadow is Cole. Awesome
4/25/2016 c2 4A Nightmare on Hogwarts Street
Good chapter. Strange dog. I'm liking your characterization of Chris
1/31/2016 c36 Guest
The Cole transformation is a real Beauty and the Beast moment. And it was very clever how you made us think that Bianca was the one helping Ryak. I only started to guess at the part where the potion câme in. Loved the story. Emily reminds me of Emily from dead promises.
11/3/2015 c1 Guest
Just finished reading. Loved this story. All the couples, the fights and Chris' destiny...definitely a "happy ever after" story
9/19/2015 c33 Guest
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6/27/2015 c36 brendafay
love it
12/26/2014 c1 gabyhyatt
This chapter was so funny
10/20/2014 c36 gabyhyatt
This fic is amazing, i love it
4/14/2014 c36 42BikerChick101
I loved this story, its been so long since it's been completed so I dont know if you will read this review or not but this is probably the best Charmed fanfic I have ever read
It had everything in it, Phoebe and Cole, the sisters relationships as real as they were in the show, Wyatt and Chris and their own storys, even Phoebe's babies!
I thought Cole as a dog would be ridiculous when I first started reading but it was brilliant
I hope you get to read this and know that this Charmed fan loved it alot hehe :D
4/8/2014 c36 dark11krad
This story was amazing! I loved the unique twist you put on how Cole returned to the Charmed Ones' lives and that of their families. I also liked how you had written in the revelation that Chris is the true heir to Excalibur. As far as I am aware, in either of those cases, it's never been done that way. In all of the future fanfics I've read for Charmed, this one is, by far, the best one because of how well-written and thought-out the story is. Frankly, I'm a bit irked that I hadn't come across this before!

I truly enjoyed the way you characterized each person in the story, and it felt appropriate to their personalities. There were tons of humorous moments, and for a rather long fanfic, they definitely helped in setting the themes and tones of the story. There were so many great lines or quotes that I probably don't have enough room to write it all out.

I liked that there was a plot twist with a female character helping Ryak. It kept you wondering whether or not it was going to be Lydia or Bianca, and the suspense in finding out who it really was served its purpose. It was a nice touch in order to introduce both of their characters.

I normally use my account primarily as a log for what I have read, and I do not normally write reviews unless I feel compelled to say that the story was extraordinary. It deserves five stars! There were a few minor grammar and punctuation mistakes, likely small things you might have missed while proofreading (yet they didn't affect the plot and intentions of the story whatsoever). Overall, I appreciate the use of proper grammar, punctuation, syntax, and the like. I love it when all aspects of a great story, including plot, come together into one fantastic tale that leaves you wanting more.

Thank you for writing, and I hope that you continue to do so for as long as you can. I hope to read more from you in the future.

Take care,
8/10/2013 c36 28Psychedelica
I loved this! Stayed up to 2am last night reading it :) I love the interactions between Chris and Cole, and Cole's characterisations are great. Thanks for writing this :)
10/20/2012 c36 SilveSun
Great Story ... really loved it Chris needed to have a destiny other than saving Wyatt, and Wyatt can't have all the power to himself i think that is selfish
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