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2/9/2019 c7 JaniceC678
Great story! When I heard about a tie-in story between the Peacocks and the Benders, that instantly went on my must-read list. Wonderfully creative way to tie the two together! I have to ask though...it' AGES since I saw Home (XF), so I can't remember the set clearly. Was it really the same house used in both episodes? I know there have been other crossover locations between SPN and a lot of shows that film in VC, so obviously it's possible. Anyway...great action and imaginative plot and overall a really fun read!
1/5/2018 c7 ngregory763
Another well told story! I am so in love with your brain right now...but not in the creepy, kidnap you and hobble you and force you to write for me. Honest.
1/3/2017 c7 Guest
As a first run Xphile myself, I knew that benders farm was horribly familar, but had managed to bury it deep in the 'don't think about it' part of my brain. Uh. Creepy. Thanks for the memories, plus some extra sprinkled on top.
A big thank you for a gripping story. Regards Sasha aka £££
8/13/2015 c7 4Freya922
This was a fascinating character study, set against the ultimate creepy background of that farm, kind of layered with memories of the Benders and THAT X-files episode. Shudder.
8/11/2015 c7 5klu
This was not only a fun-to-read-and-solve-mystery short story, but also a smartly funny one. The jokes were both intelligently layered within dialogue or descriptions, etc., while some were served up like softballs between the brothers to insult each other (which is lovely too).

I even got a kick out of your disclaimers and A/N comments.

Thanks so much for writing. I will certainly check out all your other offerings here.

On a side note: I went to your profile page and saw it's been a long, long time since you've been here. That makes me sad. I'm certain I would love your original work. And I will look, but for the life of me, I can't manage to ever use anyone on live journal; and FFN blocked your other option. Would you consider posting on FFN's counter-part, Fictionpress?
12/16/2010 c6 4Bartlebead
"a trail of blood even an aged Llasa Apso could follow" must be some trail!
12/16/2010 c4 Bartlebead
Hope it doesn't feel like I'm chasing you around. Just thought I'd read everything.

This one's earlier, I see; it's interesting seeing how much your writing grew over time. Both the relationship to the characters as offered by the show itself (this one feels somewhat immature, going through absolutely on target, to a bit-over-the-top mythic at the end there) and your own writing. Much more telling than showing in this one, and the timing is no where near as sophisticated as in the later ones. Also your use of language in the later stuff is spot-on.

It's not often, outside of a critique group, where the changes can be so gradual as to be nearly invisible, that one gets to see the evolution of a writer, since the stuff that's published has usually (or at least up to the last decade or so) been polished by an editor.

Entertaining story in any case! Thanks!
11/1/2010 c2 13CalamityJim
Just a note Sashimi is the rawer version of raw fish.
9/23/2009 c7 Hybrid-Cookie376
I've never seen The X-Files, though I do wanna see the 'Home' episode, after hearing so much about it

Again, I was giggling through the beginning: "How did I get a passport?" Sam asked (don't know why, but I just thought that was hilarious), 'Samuel Elton John' and the accompanying photo, comparing Dean to a sea anemones, (Your author notes/Disclaimers), "barn (With authentic machinary!)", the laundromat scene ("Sparklee Kleen")

then it started to become more creepy

"In place of eyes, she had sheets of mottled skin, stretched like drumheads across sockets empty and dry." - Ew, icky!
6/26/2009 c7 3Sarahzilla
Roll up the rim to win! Gosh I loved that contest. I wish there were Tim Horton's where I live. The closest equivalent we've got is probably Dunkin' Donuts. But Tim's wins hands down. And that coming from an American, you guys do have something to be proud of.

Anyways, great story. I have to agree with you that the Peacock episode was one of the more creepy ones...
1/27/2009 c7 19NongPradu
You've done 2 stories so far where they go to Canada and haven't had them catch even a single Heritage Minute on tv? Those are a part of my Canuck identity, man! I see that Inuit kid talking about the Inukshuk and I go warm with glee - or the horribly dubbed Bolduque woman singing that god-awful French song! And let's not forget, "Is THIS normal?" with the penal system.

Heritate Minutes are what make us US. Screw Tim Hortons. I still say it's the addictive coffee that makes it so huge, not the donuts. Plus, the Tim Bits. You know they had a Timmies in Dublin when I went to Ireland last May, but they didn't have Tim Bits? It was my first Timmies in 8 months and I could have cried at the lack of Tim bits

Sorry, very OT. Loved this story. It was creepy, spooky, and at times funny as hell, which is of course par for the course for your stuff. I adore your stuff. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As for the X-Files, we always called him "Cancer Man" rather than "Cigarette Smoking Man." Maybe that's an East Coast thing? Personally, I prefer Cancer Man. So not PC, but whatever. :)
5/11/2008 c7 3Cathy1967
Excellent story there. Gotta love your take on the boys. So true to character. Kudos.
12/28/2007 c7 JazzyIrish
Well, this story was a real treat. I'm a huge X-Files fan (own the entire series on DVD), but like you, pretty much stay away from the gruesome "Home" eppie. And yeah, Dean's Mulder, no question.

But I digress. I came here to tell you how much I love your style of writing from the luxurious descriptions of the surrounding terrain to the crisp, snarky (and often humorous) dialogue between the brothers. It sounds so very natural that I feel that I'm with them, witnessing all they do and say, sharing in their fears, laughter and pain. I've got to tell you, that's a real talent! You have their voices down pat; their actions and emotions so very true to character.

The story was superb - love the hurt!Dean - even if it was only short-lived, you had me going there. And we should be very grateful that the Sam's shotgun only had rock salt in it: "The Benders had taught him nothing, apparently; humans were always, always worse." Great connecting backstory to "The Benders" - that one still makes me shiver too. Creepy.

So, I'm working my way up your homepage. Really glad that your writing was recommended to me - otherwise I would have missed reading some great, well-written stories. That's the truth - and you know it's out there ;) Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us. Until next time...
10/9/2007 c7 82Tari Roo
Ok so I was going to send just one massive review about the joy that is your writing, but then, figured you'd prefer a review per fic (i know i would) so here it starts... in order as per your profile, but not the order that i read 'em.

Can I say creepy and very disturbing...? i think so. Cos it was supposed to be and it was - very.

I love the way you write Dean - so complex and fascinating and just out and out right wonderful. And of course, Sam!Dean banter... truly inspired.

Loved it.
8/21/2007 c7 44WaltzMatildah
Okay...so now I'm up to one hundred thousand for the day, may have jumped the gun a little with the first review!

Actual time dedicated to actual paid work today = five minutes!

Again, great story. I have no clue how you come up with these ideas...no freaking clue...and, yes...I'm very jealous!

Keep up the good work...incidentally, I'm from Tasmania...way WAy down at the bottom of the world and in three months I'm moving to British Colombia...any words of wisdom you could offer? Like...for example...exactly how cold is it going to be? Is it even something describable?
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