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12/5/2019 c9 AgentKalGibbs
Such a good story! The angst made my guts ache with it!
8/5/2011 c9 Yol
You are very talented, and loved the story except for the ending. You did such a wonderful job on the whole story, but felt the ending did not resolve the relationship between Sam and Jack. I felt there needed to be more to the ending here. But I do like your writing thanks for sharing.
2/28/2008 c9 8hedwiggins
This was a really good story. I loved the way Hammond let Jack have it for his insubordination; Jack deserved it. Also when Janet let him have it for taking out his misery on Sam after all she had done for him - and yet he still kept slamming her. Tsk. I'm sorry Sam didn't really lose control of her anger and totally lash back at Jack - he deserved that, too. And yet Sam still managed to keep a lot of her emotions in check. I was disappointed in the ending though. After all Jack put Sam through and they just went back to their working relationship. Sort of anticlimatic.
2/28/2008 c6 hedwiggins
Regardless of her feelings for Jack, she is allowing herself to be in an abusive relationship, and she is so totally undeserving of this crap from him. And I don't care how much his own feelings are hurt, he's hurting her far more than his own feelings were hurt, and I honestly hate him at this point.
2/28/2008 c3 hedwiggins
While I am enjoying this story, I truly don't understand why Sam allows Jack to treat her so badly. No matter what he's feeling, he's way over the top with his rotten comments and nasty temper AT her, and she has every right to lose her temper and tell him off. But I guess that's the difference between the two of them. She has the class not to give in to her temper, while he doesn't.
6/7/2006 c9 12janissima
Took me a long time to get through today but well worth it! What a wonderful, interesting story! I loved the dressings down given by both Janet and Hammond in this last chapter, but I must admit, I was sorry not to see a resolution to Jack and Sam's relationship. I was hoping she would go to another team, thereby allowing them to be together instead of having to push the feelings away for in indeterminate amount of time. But still, wonderful story and I'm glad that I took the time to read it!
6/7/2006 c6 janissima
I wonder why Sam went back to the SGC as a Major, why didn't she just return as a scientist civilian? It sure would have prevented all the misery they are putting themselves through!
6/7/2006 c5 janissima
That was a truly powerful chapter Pam! I loved the build up of the tension to the explosion when Sam hit him, then again when they finally kissed in desperate passion. Superb writing!
6/7/2006 c4 janissima
Oh - you had me in tears with this one! Jack being so cruel to Sam and causing her to flee, then Jack going to look for her, only to be rebuffed. Love is cruel isn't it?
6/7/2006 c2 janissima
Well, I decided to devote my first full day of vacation to reading one of your other stories, seeing as you updated Irrevocable Decisions. So far, I am loving this one as well! You have really gotten the surly, nasty Jack O'Neill down to a tee in both fics! I really am enjoying the addition of Teal'c to this one as well. His no-nonsense yet supportive demeanor absolutely wonderful!
4/16/2006 c9 sg1 huge fan
hee hee foley just so funny! I do have to agree with other reviewrs though, did they just forget about each other?
4/16/2006 c9 167 League Boots
Awesome! Nice finish. Esp. loved Janet's rundown of Sam's sacrifices for her pouting Co, great images there. This story had well done angst and just the right touch of ship, placed appropriately when it arose. Steep rollercoaster of emotions going on and I loved every moment of the ride! Thanks thanks for this fine read.
4/16/2006 c9 3gater62
Did this really end? Did Sam and Jack just forget they slept with each other?
4/16/2006 c9 1fabnikki
This was great, although i cant help thinkin i was missing an important scene between jack being at the top of the stairs with a cut head and janet turning up. plus i was a bit disappointed that jack and sam didnt get together (im pouting), make a sequel maybe? but i loved it anyways.
4/16/2006 c9 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
Great chapter.
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