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4/7/2006 c6 3gater62
Will there ever be any happiness in this fic? But I still love it!
4/7/2006 c6 1gategirl13
omg, really powerfull and gripping chapter. my heart was beating so fast when they were going to introuduce the new team member! i had a suspision ;) yeah i loved it, and i love the long chapters.

ok well heres my lil story...when ever i read a song fic i try and find the song so i can listen to it while i'm reading, and i have my mums playlist on this comp and i knew she had 'please forgive me' so i played it and was listening as i read..yada yada..little did i know that the next song on her playlist was...bum bum my soon as i read 'i'm so tired of being like played at the exact same time. lol well i thouht it was freakY!

any way great chap, more!
4/6/2006 c6 sg1 huge fan
hmm what an unexpected twist. looking foward to pt7!
4/6/2006 c6 36scottiedog
Someone needs to get kick Jacks six to the moon and back for being so rude.

Keep up the good work!
4/6/2006 c6 liketoread
Well-written but hard to read. Hope they can both rise above all they're going through and re-establish their prior relationship or even go to the next level. You're the writer...I know you'll take good care of them!
4/6/2006 c6 9Aynnilynn
GREAT chapter! This just isn'nt going to be easy is it? The angst has been wonderful though. Really looking forward to the next part... yay part 7!
4/6/2006 c6 froggy0319
Oh No! Now I know why you warned me :( It hurts to see Jack distancing himself from Sam as a way to deal with his feelings and I cannot believe Sam left him that way. Got me really hoping there is some sort of hope for them...pretty please :)
4/5/2006 c5 Aynnilynn
WOW! I can feel the heat by reading the story. So glad they got together finally, and the way you wrote it was extraordinary. I'm looking forward to part 6- a little rated M never hurt anyone ;) Thanks again for the great story.
4/4/2006 c5 froggy0319
You had me so worried halfway through this one as I wondered how these two stubborn souls would ever find each other and then you surprised me and currently have me smiling from ear to ear. Waiting patiently now and only hoping that neither one of them regrets their actions tomorrow :(
4/4/2006 c5 36scottiedog
For your info, you will probably will have a hard time posting chapter six because does not post M anymore!

I have an author that I read over at the tv show Star Trek: Enterprise and she was not able to post her last three story because they were rated M.

I like this! Continue with it though!
4/4/2006 c5 1gategirl13
omg. deffinatly the best chapter ever! finally together! love it love it love it. will they be happy tomorrow, or have regrest..blame alcohol? ahh!

just something i should say..i havnt read your writing were sam and jack are like togther yet, and so i dont know your shippy writing style but just a little advice..please dont make it overly mushy...sam and jack are definatly not mushy. although i have to admit sometimes i do like pure utter nonsense ship. but it wouldnt fit that well with this story. any way i love it all and any ship you want to throw our way..i'll catch it with open arms either way.

4/2/2006 c4 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
Great chapters.
4/2/2006 c4 gategirl13
aw. sams being a cow. lol. nah theres like so much tension, they both should just stop being stupid and hook up already!
4/1/2006 c4 froggy0319
Got my heart in my throat in this one as the angst between the two of them is killing me. Now to see Jack watching Sam with another guy has me on the edge of my seat. Hoping for more and that Jack gets his butt in gear soon before he loses her forever :(
4/1/2006 c4 liketoread
Uh-oh...can I just get permission from you to slap them both upside the head?
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