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1/25/2017 c29 9Asuka1920
When will the sequel be up?
5/27/2013 c29 5Sephira Vanya Estelwen
Not bad at all.
3/2/2012 c18 6mysticdragon01
Uh... call me slow, but I'm not sure I get what happened at the beginning here. Would you mind explaining?
12/13/2010 c1 5callmeBaby'08
I already like where this is going please tell me ya did or are currently working on the sequel? i just gotta know
6/5/2008 c29 bp
the story was good,but it wasn't even about Gargoyles.So in the sequel I think that's something you need to fix.Plus,I wanted to know how Gwen knows so much about the gargoyles.Also,I was wondering,see i have a great idea for a fanfic but my mom won't let me log on with the i'm trying to see if a current author will like it and write it.I don't care what you do with it but the idea is that what if one night,Brooklyn,Lexington,and Broadway found either a homeless child in an alley or what if it was a female gargoyle,child or adult?you can make up a villain or whatever to go with the story.I don't have an email address but if you go to ,in the search box type in angelicdemon.It will take you to a thing that says spaces and user on that'll know it's the right one if a link there says on the thing that says send angelicdemon a's just like email.give me your answer please! Thanx. ps-if that doesn't work then oh well.
6/5/2008 c23 bp
poor matt.
6/5/2008 c21 bp
I thought Brooklyn would freak when he found out what gay was.
6/3/2008 c7 bp
i don't get it.does she like the guy who wants to make dinner for her or does she like Matt?
6/3/2008 c3 bp
But Brooklyn is my favorite character,he has to be able to fly!
2/3/2008 c29 1Chi-Cop1
Great story!
8/3/2007 c29 4Dragonessclaw
The story was wonderful. I am lookimg forward to the sequal and hope it has more of Goliath and Elisa in it. Though I am looking forward to Gwen going home and whatever adventures she has there.
8/3/2007 c18 Dragonessclaw
Love the chapter, can't wait to keep reading. Love the lube comment. Funny and clever.
6/12/2007 c29 Mythigal
Applause! Applause! Well done! Definitely a good place to stop (for now, at least). Great characters, plot, dialogue... And, wonder of wonders, Matt actually showed some tact and maturity! There may be hope for him, yet!

You answered the most pressing questions, but left a couple of mysteries (like Gwen's knowledge of gargoyles) for the next story. I believe I have commented before on your liking for cliffhangers, though (GRIN!)

And I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for your next installment.
6/12/2007 c29 Ramza7
I must commend you on your outstanding work. I have been a Gargoyles fan from day one (actually, I must admit I actually started watching at the 2nd or 3rd episode...but after 13 years that is truly splitting hairs, I'd say), but I am relatively new to the fan fiction. That said, your story is vastly superior to any other I have read. You trully capture the personalities and mannerisms of the canon characters, while contributing a nice new touch with your OCs.

Of course, no good review would be complete without some constructive criticism, so here goes: I would like to have more interaction with the Gargoyles (you kind of got away from them down the stretch there), and perhaps some of the other more colorful but less reknowned ones (Puck perhaps? Given his deal with Oberon, he can't be 'Owen' all the time). Next, you obviously dropped off the story line between Gwen and Demona entirely (or perhaps just put it off until the sequal?), so that really left me hanging. Hmm...can't think of anything else at the moment.

Overall, thank you for a wonderful story and fulfilling experience. I look forward to your future work. Cheers!
6/12/2007 c29 dog youkai jane
WHAT? *looks back at chapter*. IT'S OVER? SO SOON? NO! the next one is called "Healing Hearts"? ok! ^_^ i'll look for it!
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