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for Harry Potter and the Dying Embers

6/12/2011 c28 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Great story and I really like how Harry ended with a moderation of both Force attitudes. Thanks for sharing!
5/24/2011 c10 aaa
wow lily and sirius are really stupid
5/14/2011 c28 nobody
A great story that I enjoyed immensely.

For constructive criticism, you seemed to have a lot of issues with your timeline. For example, when Revan went to Earth you made the following statements - Revan is 26-years old, he "died" 27 years ago, his "death" brough 23 years of peace from Voldemort, Voldemort was brought back to life a year ago. There were some other timeline issues too, but that's just an example.
4/23/2011 c28 Sage
Awesome just awesome...

i love your character development and i even love how characters aren't perfect and even how Revan isn't all powerful and get injured.

The way you have him learn both codes then seek balance is original and just... awesome!

I'm glad Reven got his brother back, your decision to write that rather then kill him off... and i love James relationship with his son.

Your a wonderful talented author and i enjoyed reading your story.
2/27/2011 c28 Zehel2010
Great story!
1/27/2011 c2 Bad-arse-wizard-lover
I LOVE CANDEROUS! I love Kotor. :)
1/27/2011 c2 Bad-arse-wizard-lover
Bastilla's dad was an explorer. Get your facts right.
1/27/2011 c1 Bad-arse-wizard-lover
Wasn't Kreia a Sith lord?
1/17/2011 c1 Suspect42
1/6/2011 c28 Old Spice
Whatever happened to Kreia.
11/14/2010 c10 Higashiyama Sayuri's Devout
26 year is a lot of time.
11/14/2010 c28 Jarno
Nice story. For me it started out great, lost a bit of my interest due to your portrayal (weakness) of wizards around chapter 18 but my interest was rekindled when Voldemort and Dumbledore were able to fight against the force users.
11/14/2010 c13 Jarno
I'm getting annoyed by your story because it seems while you know a lot of Star Wars, you know little about Harry Potter.

In these latest two chapters you have a force user defeat either Voldemort or Dumbledore with ease, but let's compare powers.

Force users can increase their speed, physical capabilities. (In this chapter you write that Kael is to fast for Voldemort to react.)

Wizards however can both apparate and teleport (OoTP, final fight.) Meaning that no matter how fast the force user might be, he is limited by physics. The wizard will alsways be faster.

A force user can push, pull, choke... with the force. Both Dumbledore and Voldemort have shown those capabilities without a wand as well.

A Sith can conjure lightning. With their wands, wizards can conjure lightning, fire, water to a greater extent the sith can.

Since a lightsaber in your story can block spells, one can argue or even assume that a protego would stop a lightsaber as well.

Force users have heightened reflexes, something which wizards have as well though it's not literally mentioned. (However, I don't think a normal human would be able to dodge, deflect spells or even play quidditch: a firebolt goes to 150miles per hour.)

And then there are the powers a force user does not have such as conjuring, transfiguraton, wards, animation...

I don't see a force user being able to stand up against the likes of Dumbledore or Voldemort in a one on one battle.
11/14/2010 c11 Jarno
"Bastila just watched from the sidelines with an amused expression on her face as Revan released the Auror and then with a negligent flip of his hand and push with the force said "You don't need to take our weapons."

The Auror's face took on a slightly dazed expression and mirrored Revan's words "We don't need to take your weapons."

"We can just wait in the cells." Revan said with another push. Bastila openly sneered at the weak minds of the Aurors. Revan was barely pushing and they were offering no resistance to his commands.


I doubt that would actually work. It's to similar to the imperious, something which I assume aurors would be trained to resist.
11/14/2010 c9 Jarno
I was looking forward to this, and while it also met my expectations in some parts, I was dissapointed in others.

I think Harry/Revan is a bit to powerfull compared to deatheaters, or what I fear is that you'll have him defeat Voldemort easily.

I mean, if we compare abilities than the force is weaker than magic. Compare fights. Even the fight between yoda and sidious was basic compared to the fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore. A wizard, the likes of Dumbledore and Voldemort, can do anything a jedi or sith can and more.
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