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for Facing the Enemy

5/15 c54 ScarlettGator
I don't think I have ever read a better description of Scarlett's character or Rhett's than you presented here as Rosemary's musings, Bravo! Really excellent writing. I really wish you would come back and finish this piece with a HEA ending. I can see the stalemate mirroring the source material, but this is fanfic and I'm a junkie that needs the high before moving on to the next story.
5/4 c179 Guest
What happened to her birthday and him giving her the deeds to Tara, what happened to Bonnies gifts, is Rhett ever going to treat her Nicky tell the truth himself and stop manipulating her?
5/4 c174 Guest
All Rhett does is bang on about her honesty yet he cheated on her when they were back together he was never honest about that
5/4 c168 Guest
What happened to his brother, is he out of jail, when they were on Atlanta he never gave her Bonnies gifts.
5/4 c147 Guest
Rhett wants her to sell it, then ducks out of the conversation how convenient of him
5/4 c141 Guest
She shouldn’t love him after how nasty and horrible he’s been last few chapters, and the cheating.
5/4 c140 Guest
He treats her appallingly
5/4 c139 Guest
He has no shame or guilt, for cheating on her, yet she has to be perfect, he deserves to sleep in her yard, he never tells her the truth or apologise for his behaviour
5/4 c137 Guest
. He really is vile, he has ago at her for lying, he just cheated on after they got back together. He lies constantly and he’s the one who cheats, he doesn’t deserve her
5/4 c136 6starlite22
Rhett is a disgusting vile hypocrite.
5/3 c132 starlite22
I wonder what gift Scarlett have Beau and what Pitty gave Scarlett.
Glad Beau is visiting.
Still want to know what Bonnie bought Scarlett
5/3 c129 starlite22
Rhett dismisses her to much, her thoughts and feelings
. I thought he was going to give her the gifts from Bonnie?
5/3 c122 starlite22
Rhett continually acts like a saint and has done nothing wrong. He slept with hoars and had two mistresses yet everything is her fault.
5/3 c120 starlite22
She’s changed so much and he’s still cruel and hateful
5/3 c118 starlite22
I was hoping Rhett had brought Scarlett Bonnies giftes
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