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for Facing the Enemy

8/17/2018 c34 Guest
какая же розмари дрянь, Ретт доверял ей свои тайны а она расказывает всем подряд или он не против?
8/9/2018 c21 9
я считаю что это самое лучшее продолжение ув, я надеюсь у вас хватит желания и терпения закончить это продолжение ув, просто замечательно, вы лучший писатель
8/9/2018 c140 GWTWRSB
I read up to chapter 140 an honestly I can’t really understand why Scarlett cannot just focus on recovering her health for few months and have a child after a year or so. I know she can be very stubborn, selfish and even irrational and I love her despite that and sometimes because of that. But here in this story, I thought she grew wiser and more mature in judging and managing things. I thought she became more caring, understanding and even protective over Rhett. I don’t know why Scarlett, knowing so well why Melly died and how everyone has suffered because of her death, is so desperate to risk everything they have and torture Rhett just because she cannot wait for a year.
While I love your story so much, I am having difficult time understanding her decision.
8/8/2018 c127 GWTWRSB
Please don’t kill off Rhett or Scarlett. I only want happily-ever-afters for them. We’ve witnessed too many tragic deaths throughout gwtw. I hope Scarlett will fully recover and give birth to lovely Butler children ;)
8/8/2018 c179 gabyhyatt
Great fic, i love it, please update soon. I want to know what happen next
8/8/2018 c179 8
прочитала продолжение, очень понравилось, автор просто высший класс, закончился как то не понятно, я думаю есть много чего не досказанного как то не хочется верить что это конец, хочется узнать будет ли у них ребёнок, что будет с розмари и кроссом, будут ли ретт и скарлетт вместе, помирятся ли они после таких разборок, да много чего хотелось бы почитать, милый автор, пожалуйста допишите, умоляю вас,ч считаю это самое лучшее продолжение ув, спасибо за доставленное удовольствие прочитать такую потрясающую историю любви, очень надеюсь что будет продолжение, спасибо
8/7/2018 c85 GWTWRSB
I started reading this just few days ago. I couldn’t start it because it was left unfinished and had quite many chapters. I read half of it now and found this story very engrossing and touching. I love your Rhett and Scarlett soooooooo much, though I love them dearly in alomst any stories (movie, MM’s, two official sequels, many of the fanfics here). I love your Eleanor, Rosemary, the children,Penny and their friends from Charlston high society. But I think your depiction of Suellen was a bit too harsh (I never imagined that she could be that cruel).
So far, I have found Jason very very annoying. I hope you wouldn’t compare him with Rhett too frequently. Rhett will never toy with innocent girl’s love to make a revenge. i am sure he will fight a duel with his adversary directly rather than trampling on a maiden’s heart...
I am immensely enjoying this story. I am very glad that I have about 90 more chapters to go. But I hope that you will come back to it and finish this for your readers. It is toooo good to be left unfinished. I hope I could see Rhett and Scarlett showering their newborn babies with love :)
Thank you so much for writing this wonderful story!
8/5/2018 c70 5
мне очень нравится читать эту версию, очень сожалею что нет продолжения, пожалуйста скажите, продолжение будет? это не честно, закончить на самом интересном
6/18/2018 c179 Guest
pleeeeaaaassseeee continue the story
6/7/2018 c179 Alisa-kun
Cette histoire était juste incroyable, malgré sa longueur, je l'ai lu deux fois de suite.
J'ai adoré l'histoire, l'intrigue, les personnages et la romance entre Scarlett et Rhett.
Je ne pense pas qu'elle sera un jour fini et c'est dommage mais merci quand même pour ce merveilleux travail.
Bonne continuation
5/12/2018 c179 BonnieBlueTwo
Miss this story, I know your busy, but will you write soon?
5/11/2018 c179 kaye
are you still here? I miss this story.
5/2/2018 c178 Moon FireStar
I swear this story is gonna haunt me always! It's like the original movie where they just left you lost in limbo but you go back and rewatch it over and over again. Or a canceled TV show and you know your going to fall over the same cliff in perpetual slow motion. Even if I never know the " Then what happened?" I still really love this story and on my umpteenth read I'm still surprised that it stops here but I will continue to reread it...debate on the character Jason and what is it about Julia Ashley that rubs me the wrong way! And shockingly discover something new! I never realized until now how much Rosemary and Ross are alike. It's as if they have all of Rett's worse qualities but not as much of his better ones. Also how much I don't like her!
4/29/2018 c179 gabella2423
I love this story I do hope you continue I’ve got to know if she is pregnant
4/28/2018 c178 magnolia1717
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