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4/28/2018 c179 magnolia1717
Would like a hqappyending
3/18/2018 c179 Guest
he ending?
2/11/2018 c179 5fallingaway24
During the past few months, I have been entranced with your wonderful story. I work graveyard shifts and your story has been the only thing that keeps me going during the nights. You are an incredible writer and an amazing storyteller who pays attention to detail and really puts their all into their stories. I am a huge Gone with the Wind fan and it is really hard to find a story that does Rhett and Scarlett's love story and character development justice, and you have done just this. I don't know if you are even going to read this review but if you do, I want you to know that this story is amazing. I know what it is like to write fanficition and the amount of effort it takes to write and post chapters in between work/family... but I feel that you've put so much into this that you owe it to yourself to update and finish the intricate story you've written. I'm sure your readers will also be happy :) Thank you for putting out such a fabulous story out there. You've inspired me to start writing again.
10/5/2017 c179 Guest
UGH! How could you stop there! We need more, we need to know what happens next! Please, please, PLEASE come back and update I have to have an ending to this fight and this story( not now, but sometime in the future) really hope for an update soon. Also, will Ross be redeemed?
10/5/2017 c1 12Sushibear144
Okay... I know it's been a few years and you probably have moved on with your life and hobbies, but your character Jason is so complex and intriguing to leave his story only half told is tragic. Please please please continue! The writing is so clever. Not just the references to other works, the smattering of Latin, the historical tidbits... but the way the characters interact. Jason admits to being in love but the reader sees he probably means Scarlett while the characters would assume Rosemary. Things like that. Double speak abounds. I am dying to understand him. He clearly wants to marry Rosemary yet loves Scarlett and somehow thinks he'll get Scarlett and remain faithful to her somehow (I'm now convinced that despite the dark eyes chapter 136 must be Jason based on attitude, word choices and references to the world around him). Ending the story here is like ending the Count of Monte Cristo (the version that was released as a play over 2 nights of performances) after the first night of the play! That haunted me for a decade. Honestly if you have no desire at all to continue, would you allow someone else to write the ending on your behalf?
10/3/2017 c144 Sushibear144
I admit. I focused on the story and often skipped the author’s notes but I pray your daughter recovered from her time in the hospital.
10/3/2017 c135 Sushibear144
Ahhhh...wait. Ross has the dark eyes but he couldn’t afford to show anyone Europe. So Jason then and he’s referring to showing Ginny the world but she declined. Her I’d assumed Ginny was the throat cancer patient he couldn’t leave. Guess not. Then again at one point I thought Ginny was the actual mom, not sister, of Jason and Rhett’s big objection was that Jason was his son. See... I read every few chapters to try to get the plot than circled back and am reading nearly all chapter but skimming s few. I have probably reread some chapters like 4 times using my odd pulp fiction reading style. But I’m dying here... you haven’t updated in 2 years? How will we find out resolution on Ross or Jadon. You gotta tie up all the loose ends and not just stop writing. . Some of us just have to know the end game!
10/2/2017 c136 Sushibear144
Boy... at first I thought Rhett, then Jason, then Ross, then Ashley. But dark eyes... I’m going with Ross. If it’s Rhett I’ll be pissed.
10/2/2017 c133 Sushibear144
I actually use like and reviews to find the order of stories I’ll read in each fandom. Yours is like top in this fandom. You should be really proud. And you earned your spot. You obviously do a lot of research in many areas to pull this all off. It’s very addictive. With some minor edits this is publishable. You can certainly be a professional writer.
9/28/2017 c113 Guest
So many inconsistencies in the story. A few - 10-15 chapters back Scarlett WAS wearing a corset. The other BIG thing you left out, and I haven't said anything until now because i figured someone would say SOMETHING in the story...but Nope, no one did. This is it, who cleaned up the picture, book that was thrown, and cigar that Ross stepped on in Scarlett's room when she was on bed rest? Hmm...? If it was a servant they would have told Miss Eleanor or Rhett
9/1/2017 c179 jhzl
This is one of the best fan fic I have read! You are an amazing writer. Hopefully you would continue the story. I do hope Rhett and Scarlett would be able to work things out in the end... they have gone through so much and it would be a pity if they just ended up apart again. Take care and be strong!
8/30/2017 c131 littlebittykittyone
Bless your heart for writing this. I have been thoroughly enjoying the story. It's such an enjoyable me creative take on what Scarlett could have been. And you have a delightful sense of humor that suddenly pops up and leaves me chuckling! Based on the reviews that I've skimmed over it seems that you left this story unfinished. I haven't gotten that far along to find out where you left off but I would like to praise you for what you've written thus far!
7/23/2017 c179 AnilCadz91
first of all, let me start by saying that you seem like a tremendously strong person. Through my reading of this story and the bits of your life that you have shared, I've come to even admire your strength, how so many things have happened to you and just how strong and amazing you are. I hope that with the long time that has gone by, your life is well, that you are okay and that you are happy. Given that you said you updated so much because what was happening with your daughter, I only hope that you are happy. It pains me a bit, I've come to love your story a lot, I have no idea how it will end, and I want to see it finished someday. But if you are happy, if you are okay, and that's why you haven't returned, I can accept that it will stay like this. I'm honest when I tell you that I wish you the best and that if you return to this someday, that is only because you want to end the story, but that everything is okay and well with you :).
In regards to this particular cliffhanger and what ending of this fic could be, I'm both fearing that it will break my heart with a sad/tragic ending or that it could be a very happy ending that I'll never know. I may not be a "real" fan in this fandom. I only saw the movie and then read the sequel that this fic is an AU of (I know, I know, convoluted might be a polite word to call the sequel :/). That was many years ago, and I was checking tvtropes and saw that the Gone With The Wind page had a fanfic recs section, so I went to see what was recommended. The only fic there is this one. And it's such an amazingly good story, all the praise from the page is honest. Better than any official sequels (even if I only read one). Your story is heartbreaking but very beautiful. The pain is so honest and at moments I felt like it was going to be so much than what I could take. But you are an amazing writer and even with so much pain you manage to have moments that let the reader rest. Moments of amazing happiness for the characters that fill me with so much joy. I have enjoyed so much how you write Scarlett and Rhett, both so flawed and full of imperfections. Selfish, angry, stubborn, hurt and in pain. So much pain for what they have done to each other. For the unfairness they have had to go through. And even with so much pain, I find myself wanting for them to be happy no matter how long it takes them. Because you write their happiness, those small and short moments of happiness, and it's something like it hasn't been seen before for them in their lives up to this point. They are truly made for each other. A happiness so huge and incredible. They really shine there. So much pain for their actions and mistakes, and yet those moments feel like the world has denied them so much, so when they are happy is like they have all the happiness of the world.
And they are still making mistakes. And they are still learning here. Trying to trust, to grow, to believe. To change. I can't help but want to cheer them on because they try so hard. even with this cliffhanger and so much pain these past chapters, I keep wishing that when I reach the end, they would be closer at getting better. I guess in a way they are, as they are talking now. But it's sad considering there's no more to read to know if they could have said or done something to stop the pain and turn their situation around for the better.
Scarlett and Rhett are truly one of the tragic romances of books and movies. I honestly don't know what sort of ending you had planned. One that fits more those stories with tragedy or sadness or one that goes more with pleasing the fans with a happier ending. I thought a lot before reading if I wanted to risk becoming a crying mess by the time I reach the ending. But I was crying so much sooner than that. And the more I read, and as you already very good writing at the beginning, got even better towards this last part, I find myself so invested that I wanted to know how it would end. I think I will re-read this fic in the future, even if it's incomplete, as I find it very worth it and wonderful. I really like how you have bared the characters. How you can write them, being honest at each other. Really seeing themselves after so much time they spent trying to hide their feelings for one another. And even while they made mistakes here, keeping secrets and lying, I still want to find their forgiveness and redemption. I still want them to be happy and a family. but that might be me as I'm that type of silly person.
As for the rest of the character, both from canon and your original creations, they are captivating, interesting, independent and fascinating characters to read. I have so many questions as to where the story was going, what else was planned, questions of past chapters that I would to know what it meant, and so many more. never doubt that you are an amazing writer :). I came just to read about 2 characters, and now I leave wanting to know about so many more :).
I really hope you are okay, and that you are happy, I send you my best. A long time has gone by since you started this, and I have found and finished this fic only this July, I don't know if you are tired of this, if you are even in the website anymore, but I would rather that than you not being okay. I have no idea if you'll ever continue, but I wish you the best, that you are happy and well. I know you write for your friends, and I just want to tell you, that you are a great writer not just for them :). I'm sure many others and as of this July, now me too, we consider you just a wonderful and strong writer :). I wish you the best :).
And for anybody else, this fic is very worth it :). It's beautiful and sad, happy and funny in other times and infuriating in many more :). But it's wonderful, with amazing character development, great side characters and it's just a very beautiful of growth and forgiveness. There's just so much to grow and forgive :). And even as it is, it's worth it :).
6/18/2017 c171 Kat
I hope and pray you come back to finish this story. It's one of the best things I've read despite not being completed yet. I have read many Rhett and Scarlett fics but you have somehow managed to capture their deep , obsessive passion for eachother brilliantly. All that I could ever want in a sequel so please update!
5/18/2017 c179 Emma
What happened? It just ended and I have reAd for almost 24 hours straight and there is no ending?
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