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2/14 c31 30Hek'UnnSkipper
This story quickly became a cycle for disappointment. One would at least think Inuyasha would finally get a chance to stand for himself against Koga for putting him through the humiliation throughout the series more over the level of frustration at not being able to kick Kichiro's as is far too high.

The saddest part of your story however is that from chapters 6-8 onwards Inuyasha was treated the same way he was when he had the rosary BUT none acknowledged the fact that he stayed down and showed REASON more than anyone else even without those beads.
2/7 c10 Hek'UnnSkipper
This chapter seemed to play off the fact that Koga was willing to force himself on Kagome lightly...
3/14/2020 c6 Guest
Chapter six, should be, "I don't believe letting go of you would be in my *breast interests."
4/8/2019 c15 Ami-Higurashi
Oh my God! I'm just so glad you dealt with kykio like this. HAHAHA ding ding dong the witch is dead!
By the way, love your story ;)
10/1/2017 c30 Wfest
This was really, really funny! Great characters, especially the way you portrayed Inuyasha and Miroku, you gotta love them!
9/29/2017 c18 Wfest
The scenes with Kichiro and after were so funny, I had tears running down my face! At least till the next chapter, which put everything in a different perspective.
9/30/2016 c15 zye1
shippou the unexpected matchmaker. heehee
6/23/2016 c19 painbearer21
-z7xuzyz7xuzy xx, uxyyzx6yu
2/23/2016 c31 Jay
The story was fun & I actually am glad I read it. You could benefit from having a beta for your work to help edit it, but otherwise I enjoyed it. Good job.
2/21/2016 c15 Jay
I'm rather loving this story. I keep laughing! My Last Name by Carrie Underwood started playing a little earlier while I was reading about the girls facing their hangovers & I had to laugh because I don't Inu doesn't even have one for her to know.
2/21/2016 c11 Jay
Wow! The girls are going to kill them. He gets so pissed at Koga for wanting to make Kagome his mate against her will, but he goes all drunk night in Vegas that same night! I'm almost wondering if they'll try to get away without telling the girls for as long as possible.
2/20/2016 c6 Jay
So at first I was just thinking how immature Kagome was acting & how evil she was for trying to beat him & kick him in the nuts repeatedly. Seriously, wtf? This chapter I was laughing too much to think much on it, especially when the monk decided to lend a hand. Good job so far. Some areas the could use an edit, but overall I'm enjoying this story.
10/8/2015 c29 2SaiyaCat
So Awsome.
6/18/2015 c30 1Mizz Loon
Despite all the shenanigans that this story had in it, this story was really cute. I laughed several times each chapter I felt like the length of the story was appropriate, not too short and not too long. However, you might want a beta reader to help correct some the errors that I noticed, they were nothing major, just some things that could be corrected. Overall "This Is Gonna Be fun!" was hilarious and well worth while to read, thanks for the wonderful story friend, chow!
4/10/2015 c1 1InnocentNight
I don't review on fics as often as I should, but I needed to say something and get it off my chest. I have been reading this on AFF, and when I came to your chapter that included the A/N about Kikyo, the "ding dong the witch is dead" part had me crying in laughter. I have never laughed so hard reading a fic, even though it was an A/N. I dislike Kikyo extremely, and that comment just got me right in the soul. I am still hysterically laughing and I have probably the highest respect for you on the face of the planet. May Kami bless my soul so that I don't break into a million pieces from laughing so hard. Seriously, you are perfect. Thank you for that. THANK YOU. Oh, goodness gracious. Whew.
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