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7/20/2009 c1 2Sparky The Mutt
it was awesome since i roleplay sango and say kagome is hot
9/24/2008 c1 13Maileesaeya
/Sigh of contentment\ Ah, that was nice. When performing a full search on Sango x Kagome or Kagome x Kikyou (I'm not a Kikyou hater! She's been mistreated I tell you!), you get so many 'lemons' without any story to them. This was quite well written, and I like how you included Sesshomaru and Jakken at the end there!

Arigatou gozaimasu!
4/10/2007 c1 Silvara rivana
sweet sotry. huggles it tighlty.
1/13/2007 c1 6KiraNova19
A happy ending...finally the pervert found a woman who could stop his ways! and kinky hoe needed to go back to hell... i love it!

Lady Kagome
5/28/2006 c1 34writer-jm
Yay! I was lucky to find this fic! I really needed a pick me up!

(courtesy of "Street Love" and this fic)

Not as much angst as I thought. I usually don't enjoy the heavy angst where no one is really happy, but you gave me a happy ending! Thank you so much!

Now that I've found you, I'll try to read some of your other work, if I get the time!


4/16/2006 c1 3LadyLibra12
4/4/2006 c1 Katz
It's the first fanfic I have even read like that. You should do more. It's change of pairings. Good job. Also make it more explict, too.
4/3/2006 c1 1Hola.Adios
3/30/2006 c1 inukag 4 ever
well...i cant say much but i liked it its good but ya i would agree with the other reviewist shouldnt be M mabey T but not M.
3/30/2006 c1 1Rock and Roll Lover
YOU WROTE A LITTLE ABIT FlUFF. It was cool. Ilove it. no more fluff

your brat,

3/29/2006 c1 ladykp
that was rewally good. but i really liked that you aded the sailor moon characters.
3/28/2006 c1 njfsdhaglhdsiulahg
This was pretty good. I wouldn't rate it a M though. Nothin much happened. Great job!

-MT Night

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