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for Strange Events can lead to Family

7/6/2007 c1 15Raven the Ravenous
That was a great LxN fict. Though I agree that it could be turned into a multi-chapter but you don't have to start from scratch should you decide to. Just take certain parts from the oneshot and turn each one into a chapter. Like a chapter of Luffy and Nami getting married or one where the crew find One Piece or one that explains about the day Koneko got her hat. By the way, that was a good name, neko means 'cat' and ko seems to be 'child' so 'cat child'. Not bad. Now I really wanna write my own OP fict for sure!
3/30/2007 c1 4Veloci R. Apter
WOHO!That story was beautiful!You,my friend,have skizzills.Although I feel sorry for her hat..Anyhow I'm amazed at this
3/2/2007 c1 2wheathermangohanssj4
I have to say this was a good story. the plot was great but it seemed it was rused at the end and has nothing in it that I can see that would cause this to be Rated M. I don't think you should have made this a oneshot and the chapter should have ended where you have the timeskip but have that for a later chapter
2/24/2007 c1 2Face Pr0n
The story has a pretty good plot. And you're quite expressive. Grammatical mistakes are minimal.However, your whole story seems a bit rushed. The fact that you completed the story within a day(or so it seems) sort of gives the picture of you being hasty. Things like Luffy and Nami getting together should have been explained.And you should have divided the story into chapters. It's a little long for a one-shot.
2/8/2007 c1 Samuraixz
interesting story and concept but u could've made it a lot more better by not just adding the random things while going along

cuz every time something came up that u didn't mention before u would just explain it right on the spot it would've been better if u explained everything before
10/10/2006 c1 6Pirate Bo
Aw! Luffy, and Nami have a daughter! I have now a sudden queestion, if Luffy where to have a child with Nami, is there a possiblilty that it would have the Curse of the gum-gum fruit placed apon it at birth? Or would it have to find a berry and eat it? Thats a good question!
10/1/2006 c1 DisclosedInformation
very cute story but why is it rated M?

still very nice story!
9/24/2006 c1 20Lightning Type
It seemed a little rushed to me. I would have liked the battle between Arlong and Luffy to have been extended.

But that's just me. =P Great story!
4/26/2006 c1 18Swordsman of Darkness
not bad, i like the whole luffy and nami being married and arlong's second defeat at the hands of luffy. as they say in mortal kombat: Excellent!
4/25/2006 c1 corey gorman
now this is a whole new twist on one piece...i like it your good...um could u help me out on my storys that is if u want to
4/5/2006 c1 2AnimeObsessionFantasy
aww.. this story is cute xP hehe..

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