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11/27/2013 c18 Thursday's Child-1297
no no no no no no no you cant leave me like this i dont even know what just happened you cant just leave it with oh yeah we'll get through this lets go to sleep no no no i need to know what happens to mark i mean come on he dropped freakin soup on his legs and he couldn't feel them is he not ever going to walk again whats happening whats going to happen? What about all that footage theyd been gathering since April? Theyre not ever going to address that? Ohhhhhhh come on please tell me what happened how is this the end? Its so good but please please tell me what happened this is not cool.
12/8/2009 c18 18dogangelsrule

No, really, I mean it.

You did a really amazing job with this fic and I truly enjoyed it. You usually can't find a good fic where Mark needs to be taken care of.

Oh, might I also add that I love the connect you did between Mark, Roger, Collins and Benny? Really good, if I do say so many. Oh, and Blink was adorable~ =DD

So, yeah, amazing fic~ Thankies~ =3
6/18/2009 c5 clearwatercullener
ive read this before but every time i read roger withdral scene it just shakes me. keep writting liket this.
2/12/2009 c18 7EB91
Oh, this was such a good story! Kudos! Very addicting - I sat for hours the other day reading it (I need a life, huh? haha.).

I'm not really sure what to say other than it was amazing; I'm at a loss for words. Bravo. :)

Definitely going under my favorites. :D

3/3/2008 c18 HeartOfChaos
This was absolutely amazing. This is by far my favorite RENT fic. Period. This was just absolutley incredible. You made Mark and Roger's friendship very strong without making it look slashy. And plenty of Mark torture too, but I'm digressing.

I absolutley loved it. I hope you consider a sequel...I would love to see Tammy come back...

Again, this was absolutley fantastic. I just can't think of anything else to say other than that.

1/7/2008 c18 Lady Shlay
This story is absolutely beautiful! I just read it in one sitting and now my toes are all swollen from sitting down and not moving for ages!

Much love and admiration.
10/29/2007 c18 8Maethril Aranel
So usually if a story has 18 chapters I just read the first chapter and stop there, but yours had me hooked from the beginning.

This story meant a lot to me, since those lines "From facing your failure...you really detach from feeling alive" are seriously my favorite lines in all of RENT and Mark is my favorite character. I think his position in one of the most real in the play; in so many groups of friends, there's one person who ends up being the go-to person, one person who ends up being alone and detached. You've articulated that feeling very well, especially when Mark spills his feelings to Collins.

I don't care about the little AU technicalities, the story was good enough without it. I haven't seen RENT the movie, so I don't know about the Erickson/Carson business, but I've seen it on stage and your story keeps to it well enough.

I must say, people DO have a slight fetish with ruffling Mark's hair. Understandable. Some people have very ruffable hair.

Anyway...your characterization was great! The Mark and Roger friendship is one of my favorite aspects of RENT, just because friendship is so important to me in general. The flashbacks and their interaction built up perfectly.

Thanks so much for a great read! I'm sorry I didn't review every chapter...I was too busy going right to the next one lol.

Much love!

-Maethril Aranel-
8/3/2007 c18 22horseaholic
I liked it. Just plain liked it. And that's hard to get from me, you know? Especially on this board. Usually, I don't read AU stories, where either Angel or Mimi is alive, but for you, I've made an exception. I liked all the Roger/Mark/Collins/Benny friendship stuff, especially the fact that Benny paid for the hospital bill in the end. That showed some real swallowing of pride on his part, especially since they'd traded hating each other on and off before. I loved the addition of Blink the dog to the family, and I'm glad you explained the meaning of the name. It was nice and simple. And OMG, the Tammy and The Man connections were exciting and fast-paced.

Why did you decide to change the rating from M to T? Usually, all mine are T, but Rent seems like sometimes it could be M, because it's either based around tragedy or happiness, depending on the author.

Well, that's all I can think of to say. I hope to hear your opinions of my stories in the future. Mine follow the movie, but since they're almost all RogerOC, Mimi usually dies within two weeks. Angel is never alive in my stories, unless they begin during Rent (which, one of them does; another doesn't have any OC characters, and is just the Bohos.) If you don't like Mimi and Angel being dead, you don't have to read my stories. I'll understand. TTYL.

8/3/2007 c9 horseaholic
April's last name is Erickson, not Carson, as is perfectly clear on her HIV test results in the flashback during OSG in the movie... Oh well, no big deal.

I'm glad Roger is getting his feelings out about Mark and that he may actually start to see sense and talk about it. Maybe he will go to a Life Support meeting and talk to them? That could help.

Well, I'm going to continue reading.

8/1/2007 c8 horseaholic
Aww, Mark's having nightmares, poor boy... Roger yelling makes it clearer that Mark being blind is putting stress on everybody... I mean, the dog is, too. Chicken noodle soup again? Poor boy, he needs more than that, or he'll never gain any weight. I figured Mark would run from his emotions for as long as he could, and then he'd blow up. I'm glad he and Collins talked. I hope things start getting better. I'm glad to see Mark's vision is slowly improving.

8/1/2007 c7 horseaholic
I'm glad they got Mark a dog. At least he'll have more companionship than humans, a kind of easy silence, you know? I mean, besides the fact that Blink (love the name, even though Mark, being Mark, overthought the meaning, LOL) barks. I thought, maybe, it would be a Seeing-Eye Dog, but I guess that would kind of ruin Mark's pride... Anyways, I think it's sweet that he has a dog.

8/1/2007 c4 horseaholic
Ooh, the scarf! The scarf! I love how you portray how Mark came to acquire that! Awesome! I think it's interesting that Larson says Mark is Jewish, because he never wears the yarmukla in the movie or musical. And it's basically Jewish religion law that they have to wear it everywhere. Hmm. Anyways, just so you know, Alison's name is spelled with one L, not two. And why does everyone always insist on demonizing her and her and Benny getting a divorce? Oh well. I really liked them doing their cheers together. I don't see why they have to feed Mark, just because he's blind. It might take him a while to find the bowl, but as long as he's careful, he can make the distance from the bowl to his mouth with the spoon. Well, even though it's a little difficult to read this story in Mark's perspective (even though this is the way a majority of the story is written), I really like it.

8/1/2007 c3 horseaholic
I'm not sure Collins would really interrupt Roger at the cemetary like that, when he was talking to Angel. Not only did they give him his space with Angel after the funeral (Goodbye Love), but he always has his own alone time with her. Hmm. Oh well, small detail. I like the memory of Mark getting beat up in the park. Oh no! Mark tried to escape from the hospital? Typical him, I guess, but that does seem more like a Roger thing to do. Wow, I liked the deep understanding between Roger and Mark, about Mark still being able to sense Roger, even though he was blind. Wow, that was beautiful and very well-written. Great job. I loved this chapter.

7/5/2007 c2 horseaholic
Calm, innocent blue eyes. Forget the rest of the chapter! Mark opened his eyes! OK, sorry, I get that way sometimes, especially late at night, when I'm reading a really good Rent story, like this one. I'm glad Mark's doing alrite. Doctor Adams, huh? LOL. And I don't think doctors can release unwell patients, even without pay, can they? That'd be against their Hippocratic Oath that they take, upon becoming certified doctors. And it's 'patient', not 'patiently,' when you're referring to someone like Mark, rather than an adjective. Other than that, good chapter. I'm glad Mark's OK, and I hope they work out a way to pay.

7/5/2007 c1 horseaholic
OMG, I can't believe Mark is going blind because of those muggers (at least, right now, it seems that way.) OMG, I've only just begun reading this, and already, I'm addicted, when there's so many other things I should really be doing. I can't wait to see what you've got next. You'd better not hurt my Marky anymore (yes, he's my second-favorite Boho boy, in case you haven't noticed), or I'll come through this computer and kill... someone, LOL. LOL, just kidding.

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