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2/4/2017 c14 Crushcrush12
XD de que era el cubo?
2/4/2017 c10 Crushcrush12
2/4/2017 c9 Crushcrush12
Kyaaaaaaaaaa 3
7/2/2016 c14 Flinxforeva
This made me think of wally as a little kid
7/20/2007 c14 5msdarling
yay you didnt die!

i don't mind the nick name at all actually thats what my friends call me

i loved this new one shot

wally's just so adorable and i'm just gunna imagine myself in jinx's place...

anyway i have to read the new harry potter book

great update!
7/6/2007 c13 joy
okay. don't really like the three last ones but it's still okay. KID FLASHxJINX 4EVER!
1/17/2007 c13 146coldqueen
You amuse me greatly. Write more. I demand.
1/8/2007 c13 5msdarling
i happen to love the symbol thingies

tres tres creative (i dont take french but w.e.)

i liked it!
1/7/2007 c13 4lemony anemone
I dunno...maybe you should have added this to your last chapter. It seems more like a wrap-up than anything else.
12/30/2006 c12 lemony anemone
interesting take...
12/23/2006 c12 5msdarling

poor jinx

great update!
12/22/2006 c11 4lemony anemone
good. short and sweet.
12/22/2006 c11 11iolah
Awe so cute *beams* I am glad she did not kiss Kyd Wykkyd as he is the awesomest ever and I would be incrediably jelous
12/22/2006 c11 93mako-lies
Hm... I like this... Finally got around to reviewing this, don't I feel special! Anywho, I love this story.

11/12/2006 c10 4lemony anemone
this was cute and the ending, was original if anything...
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