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4/2/2006 c4 1Dracowar
The only way that Naruto can introduce himself is to claim himself as Amaterasu. With his powers, he can charade himself into a god just for a vision.
4/2/2006 c4 Scar
More Naruto and Akira scenes!

Please update~
4/2/2006 c4 Altharus
I really enjoy this story, and I look forward to reading more. Keep it up.=)!
4/2/2006 c4 wind dragon
it is a very good story.
4/2/2006 c3 1The One Who Creeps You Out
This fic is awesome it sort of slowed down in the third chapter but it gave me some insight into the workings of Sun and the new world that was formed after the fall of the hidden villages. The plot is interesting and Naruto working behind the scenes and protecting Akira is really an interesting factor, when will the two meet again? Any ways, kudos and all that.
4/1/2006 c3 2Little Fox Kit
hm not as good as the other ones. could be longer but i suppose you need the plot developement (curse them all. i love action) im addicted btw. totally and utterly addicted to your story. i get confused with politics sometimes but meh. arent we all. did you know that politician is the lowest trusted occupation (at least in Canada where i live) so funny. anyways, looking forward to next chappie adn maybe ill leave a longer review...? ( i hate getting short reviews. if you have something to say, i like it to be more than 'awesome' y'know. add some color.) crap, im rambling. i gtg. *grumbles stupid work. sigh bye^^
4/1/2006 c2 Little Fox Kit
yo. me again. loving his attitude. btw, in your summary you said 'nigh immortal' now im assuming that means that hes not completely immortal and that he can somehow be killed or die off. but thats just me. love how he protects akira. (love the name too) keep going! you're awesome!
4/1/2006 c1 Little Fox Kit
i think i might love you. this. is. an. AWESOME STORY! OMGOSH! it rocks! and teh fact that you've updated three times in three are my fav man. absolute fav. i put you on story alert. must read more^^
4/1/2006 c3 19tail-Naruto
Very interesting chapter, I really didn't think you'd update that quickly. There wasn't much about Naruto in that chapter but that's okay. Hm... Oh I just realized that the 12 Great Animals are the zodiac animals. That's so obvious why didn't I see it before? Anyway short chapter compaired to your others ,but was worth the read for it was very informing. Please update soon ,but don't rush yourself and make bad, crappy chapters, kay? Later.
4/1/2006 c3 Miako
Great and incredible AWESOMENESS!Uwah...only a few more chapters left, and it's so great...*sniff*

You know, I kept expecting Naruto to jump out and, using the sexy-no-jutsu and a crazy Katon jutsu, falsefy a divine visitaion from Amaterasu in the name of peace and Akira.
4/1/2006 c3 Scar
This was short... ^^ Not that I'm conplaining XD More Akira and Naruto scenes please!

4/1/2006 c2 1Lone Kyuubi
well written my friend,i enjoyed reading this story of yours. it sucks though that Naruto had to live for three centuries before realizing that his friends weren't killed by him. anyway, update soon plz (unless the story is already finished) i really liked this. good job.
4/1/2006 c2 1on-stolen-time
sigh. I hate time, when times change and culture disenergrates into modern socialpaths. sigh. Poor Naruto, I feel your pain. *goes off to sulk*
3/31/2006 c2 1Mercsenary
this should be good
3/31/2006 c2 19tail-Naruto
So everyone forgot about the now ancient art of the ninja. This story was very depressing in the begining the whole 'I killed my teamates' thing was upsetting, but I now see that he DIDN'T kill his teammates and now I'm happy.I really like this story.

But this story now brings to me some interesting questions like 'How did people forget about ninja ways and how to use chakra' that used to be the #1 way soldiers were. Ninja's were sort of like the solders of larger countrys. Hm...

A very interesting story I'll continue reading it and I'll check out 'Future Paths' like you suggested. Please update soon.
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