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1/1/2008 c4 9Herooftimes
i'm not sure if naruto can do anything for poison. all the bloodlines are gone? but the hyuuga bloodline seemed very dominant, every hyuuga had the byakugan..
1/1/2008 c3 Herooftimes
i thought naruto wasnt good at genjutsu. does the general even remember 'mr.spooky'?
1/1/2008 c2 Herooftimes
with the weakening of the seal, shouldnt kyuubi have been able to tell him of the misunderstanding before? He could have talked to naruto while he was conscious or cut off some chakra so naruto would go into a near death state, and then show him the memories? i do like that naruto is going to survive now, but i hate that there is no more chakra being used. maybe naruto wil decide to teach a little...i hope
1/1/2008 c1 Herooftimes
woah. so sad. the stupid fox...what will naruto do now? does he even remember anything? how much time? do ninja still exist?
10/29/2007 c5 Xoroth
Amazing story. Real original. Pretty well written.
9/24/2007 c5 noname00
when i first decided to read this fic this was far from what i imagined but all in all i really did enjoy this and im glad i decided to read it^^
8/26/2007 c5 6Nostalgic Beauty
I tip my hat to you. That was a very nice and well thought out story.

I enjoyed reading it.
8/26/2007 c2 Nostalgic Beauty
Killing a man with an apple core...very impressive.
8/22/2007 c1 5PIIR-Pierrot
This is one of my all time favorite stories. The fact that Naruto survived for centuries without eating, drinking, or even moving is amazing, and really brought home how powerful he/Kyuubi is. It's sort of sad that he never met the boy, but I'm happy with the story that you created. The story itself is a fantastic concept, and you are a great writer. I'll be looking in your profile for your next story.
7/18/2007 c5 Trueswipe
This story is awsome! Its been executed nicely. Though sad ended shortly (to me, it's short), The ending is great. I wish that this has a sequel. It's very original plot makes it unique. Nice work ^_^
5/3/2007 c5 14moonymonster
Gah! That was very cool, but dammit, there better be a sequel! I still wish Naruto would meet Akira...though has Naruto forgotten his name or something? *amused* And what is he going to do now...? If he's still playing bodyguard, Akira will have a long life ahead of him.
5/3/2007 c4 moonymonster
How are you going to solve this in one chapter? Gah!
5/3/2007 c2 moonymonster
Dude, I still think this is awesome, and that there was only one grammatical mistake in the beginning, but it's a nothing nitpick. I love this! (I really should leave a review that isn't just me fangirling, but I can't help it. I don't have any complaints!)

I'm wondering if Naruto will introduce himself to the boy...XD
5/3/2007 c1 moonymonster
Wow, this is creepy in the awesome creepy way. I mean, I'm trying to picture what Mr. Spooky looks like, but I do wonder whether Naruto's hair has stopped growing or something if people think he's a statue. I mean, statues don't have growing hair, do they? XD

But seriously. I love this.
4/2/2007 c5 drake999
...all i can say is speachless...this just leaves me completly speachless...i cant tell you how awsome you are...well, your awsome, for making an awsome story, beyond all the others...
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