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8/27/2006 c1 2DSK
Wow, very nice. I read the inspiration and this is a very nice continuation. I’m very impressed.
7/31/2006 c5 J
omgomgomgomgomgomg! i loved this story! holy jeez! its amazing. do a sequel!

ok, now that that's out... good job. very neat, organized and impressive. keep it up!

7/13/2006 c5 6Still Forgotten
Hey, I realize that it's been a while since you finished this, and that it IS finished, so you have no need for further reviews, but I thought that it would be the least I could do for you for providing this for us all.

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this from start to finish, and I'm amazed that you were able to successfully pull off writing in a present tense, and following two whole story lines while you were at it. (How Naruto comes to grow and accept the new age, so like out own was, and this lifestyle of a boy with a dream that was similar to what he pursued once upon a time.) It really did pull at the heartstrings, this story you wrote.

For once, a story that could be read as Naruto as a person who could fit, or least blend in, with reality. In saying, he's NOT perfect, prone to self pity and to thoughts not entirely ingenious all the time. The goals and the ambitions he set for himself don't always come to in a happily-ever-after ending, as they do too often in the fan fiction, and even real writing, world. You should be very proud of such an ability with words.

A bit confusing when referring to Naruto as "Him", while also using the name to refer to Akira. Nothing big, but it took a little while to decide who was being talked about. Some slight spelling/punctual/grammar errors throughout the chapters, but overall, I'm quite impressed that you were able to edit so well. Most of the time, myself included, people don't take the time to do something as unseemingly vital as proofread. Nobody wants to have to decipher fanfictions while reading through them. Excellent work.

I really loved reading the note that Naruto wrote out to Akira. Very suitable to his personality, which he still hasn't lost after all these years. I do have to wonder, however, how Naruto's features have changed from childlike to semi-adult, and then remained that way. It would have mauled the story if he continued to age at a rate standard to that of a human being, but, how interesting. Nothing bad, of course, just something I was pondering over.

Anyway, I'd love to go on about how thrilled I was to read this, it really WAS a treat after so many plotless fics out there, (not all of which are bad though, by the way.) but, I need to get the horses back into the barn before they fry to a state quite the equivalent to "edible". :-)

...Okay, and Naruto comes on in an approximately an hour and I need to prepare dinner before then. :-)

I know that my review's probably difficult to comprehend...I have a habit of writing things people find hard to discern, but please, believe me when I say that you are an AMAZINGLY talented author, and again, you should be very proud of yourself.

Really, there aren't too many out there with your flare and ability to maintain a good plot with details and information to back it up. Normally when I write reviews, details are always something I mention because they're severely lacking, or overused and completely abused. Or stolen. :-p GREAT job, anyway. Really pulled at the heartstrings. :-)

Anyway, I don't know if you're still writing Naruto fics or not, but if you'd like me to review to anything else you write, drop me a note. :-) I'd go look in you're profile for some more, but

1. I don't want to review to something you won't read, or can't find any use out of, and

2. lol...I miss talking to people. After I get off work, I'm all alone and bored out of my mind, and it's nice to know I have something specially written for ME to come home to. :-) I'm such a loser. I need a boyfriend. :-p

lol...I'm not forcing you to. If you get the time, I'd be interested in reading more of your work. Thanks again.


.:sigh:. i knew I should have written this while I was sick. It's gunna make absolutely no sense. lol. Sorry!
6/21/2006 c5 1Akri07
This is a very good story. Will Naruto always live, till the end of time, or until someone kills him with the future Technology? This was the best story I ever read, it made me cry for Naruto! I love it and I hope u write another story similiar to this.

6/19/2006 c5 RianLena
Wow...That story was really good. Keep up the good work! ^-^
6/17/2006 c5 cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
dude, I feel weird right now. this fic is like, deep! it confused me. I'm still coping with it, but seriously, its incredibly well made.
6/9/2006 c5 3Demon King Piccolo
I'll be honest to you. I LOVED that story! And I'm the kind of guy who usually despites alternate reality stories, but that was just so good!

Though also to be honest, I've found two glaring plotholes. For starters, Naruto's survival depended on Kyuubi's almost infinite chakra supply. However, he wanted to die. So here's the thing, why didn't he just used his most powerful jutsus over and over again until even Kyuubi's chakra couldn't support him anymore?

Next, what happened to Orochimaru? He had a jutsu that allowed him to lived forever and Naruto killed everybody who even had a remote chance of killing Orochimaru.

Other than those two, though, still a very good story! Also, I'll read that story you recommended. Great work!
5/2/2006 c5 4Parselmaster
Very very nicely done. I congradulate you on this. It is very original and was very enjoyable. Being a literal shadow? interesting concept.
5/2/2006 c1 Parselmaster
Holy crap. That was my thoughts after reading this chapter. Very original and interesting introduction to your fic.
4/16/2006 c5 aZ-0
very interesting to say the least

i enjoyed this story very much
4/15/2006 c5 mike
wow. i was totally blown away by this story.

first off, i really love your style of writing. there's a really nice flow to the words, followed by a subtle humour yet serious undertone within the sentences.

i especially love the way you address different scenes within your fic; you tend to lead the readers on and allow them time to think about the events before revealing what has really happened - i really like that, it challenges me and makes me analyze your sentences more carefully. i especially loved your apple scene a few chapters ago - i didn't realize it was an assassin until the very last sentence of that chapter. the realizations that come along with your fic arn't confusing and i really like that method.

i sorta wanted naruto to show off a bit, since he was technically an attention-grabber in his old days, but i guess it sorta wore off as time went by. but i truly love how he's still a prankster at heart - the sneaking around were a tribute to his inate ability to surprise the unsuspecting.

i also sorta get why you didn't want the sun ppl to become dependent on naruto's ability, and not making him meet w/ akira, but i'd love to see what happens next now that naruto's finally found the will to live again. he can be/do anything now w/ his ninja abilities!

newaz, im rambling, so i'll end it off on a end note - great story! keep writing!
4/15/2006 c4 XTakaX27
Whups, sorry, you already have it under 'complete' =P Meh, well, yea...
4/15/2006 c5 XTakaX27
This was really interesting! I personally would have prefered if the two met, but this is good too. You might want to put your story under "Complete". I wish you the greatest luck on your next story!
4/7/2006 c5 Suzerain
This is one brilliant story. Congrats on writing it so damn amazingly well. Heh, I'll go check for anything else you've written now.
4/5/2006 c5 5Ardonius-Servant-Of-Zeta
This is...amazing. Simply amazing.
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