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11/20/2006 c3 KrazywithaK

That was amazingly good.

You captured them all perfectly. I love how Riza gets upset about the rivalry aspect, and Ed's little crush is adorable. I'm amazed at your talent.

Wonderful contribution to the Fullmetal fandom.
8/30/2006 c3 Edward Elric
This was a good story to read and can you please please please please add more chapters?
8/17/2006 c3 101MoonStarDutchess
Great one! I really enjoyed it!
8/15/2006 c3 2consulting-fieldmice
omg i loved it I love roy! Lol and UPdate soon you are going to my favs list *cheak*
6/14/2006 c3 8Hayashi Azuma

That's a nice short[story]!

I like the part when they were caught and Ed ran away!

I liked the ending to.

I thought that you ended it well!


'please, keep writing1'
6/10/2006 c3 6ZanarkandRose
6/10/2006 c2 ZanarkandRose
no! stay away from Riza, Roy!
6/10/2006 c1 ZanarkandRose
0_0 short...
6/10/2006 c3 7Anicka
Long time! This chapter was good, could have been longer. I like long chapters, but that's just me. Anyway, this was a bit different than other stories that I have read on this subject. I liked though.
4/3/2006 c2 4glasskimono
this sounds intresting.update so we can see wat happens
3/31/2006 c2 7Anicka
I like it! Update soon!

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