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for The Day the Magic Died

7/4/2007 c1 8BlackHeartsxxRedSpades926
Wow. This was really interesing. I loved it. I love the "Mr. Demon, time to die." That's funny. This seems like it took a lot of time. I know it would take me quite a while to come up with coherent rhyming lyrics for a show. Great work.
12/29/2006 c1 9WellxWisher
Neat! My friends and I did a similar rewrite to this same song to commemorate our middle school years! My favorite line: "The grandfather clock was broken." it's just so true! I mean really, how many times have they had to fix that old clock?
8/17/2006 c1 tenniscourtsoundtrack
this is a really cool song. its awesome that you could tweak it to be about Charmed
6/19/2006 c1 LastWhiteRose
oh this is so cool! u've inspired me! i must work on my charmed future fic!
4/21/2006 c1 Marki
4/10/2006 c1 18Queen-Of-Sins
hehehe that was cwwl lol i wasnt singing to the tune -shiftyeyes-
4/1/2006 c1 22Nancy T
I like it! I'd like it better if it had a somewhat happier conclusion, but you certainly follow the tone of the song well. My favorite couplet is "The four women I admire most / The Charmed Ones and their sister's ghost." That says it all!

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