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7/20/2018 c35 4Bella119
I have loved Tasmin and Allison’s adventures through ATeam fanfic. This story is firmly on my fav list and will be like a crib sheet of what to avoid in all my own writing. Already recommending this brilliant story to other authors in the fandom. Thank you for not only writing this but even more so for being brave enough to try and ‘read’ these stories. Wonderful
7/20/2018 c29 Bella119
Tasmin and Allison have no limits first a baby then a kitten. The bad thing is I felt bad for the kitten, secretly hopingnthey kept it.
Totally agree Face wasn’t sexually, physically or mental abused as a kid, far to many episodes with links to people from his childhood.
7/20/2018 c26 Bella119
The last glimmer of Face had insisted the alcohol was at least quality whisky PMSL
Murdock being Lassie “Timmy fell down the well” I’m keeping that one to remember when canon is pushed so far out of character they resemble movie dogs more than the team.
7/20/2018 c25 Bella119
Tamsin and Allison, I salute you. Thank you for reminding writers TAT is set in the 80’s with soldiers who are macho sexist men. When upset they don’t hug and crying, they punch a wall, shout or storm off. Their introspective thoughts wouldn’t be feminine, they think and act like masculine men not guys waiting for a sex change.

Reading these is like episodes of Gogglebox I get a great synopsis of an episode with someone laughing along with me, while not having to read the story, all the important points summarised in a tenth of the space.
7/19/2018 c22 Bella119
Praise the lord for covering off British commando training. As I’ve grown up in or by Lympstone this is galling to read anyone taking my green berets and destroying them in a fic.
Point of reference the firing range is 20 min coach ride from the camp or training grounds on the common as it is on cliffs in Littleham. If a real war broke out no one in Exmouth would react to explosions or semiautomatic firing as we’d just think the marines were playing. RMC are not Army, they’re marines, but all forces use the commando centre for green beret training.
Lastly it is possible to bribe recruits for their chocolate rations on exercise if you trade info on where the ‘enemy’ is hiding. That’s bugger all to do with TAT but I couldn’t get that fact in the one fiction I wrote shoving the team in to Exeter and getting them to run the 10 mike commando training course. And I so know how much the agents like chocolate.
Sorry for flooding your reviews, but this is to good not to review. Thank you (though you’ve given me writers block for fear of upsetting the P-Team)
7/19/2018 c21 Bella119
The hymen, the POW in the apartment but best of all the chocolate. Chocolate mends everything.
As for accidental britishisms - okay I’m guilty, but it’s so hard. Please don’t shoot me!
7/19/2018 c18 Bella119
Civilians as patients in the VA, massive bugbear of mine so thank you for flagging it up.
7/19/2018 c14 Bella119
Jewish BA praying. You are officially killing me.
But your bad, Murdock isn’t suffering PTSD or PTSS it was never diagnosed as canon. Also as a regonised illness ptsd didn’t even exist until the 80’s. Sadly history shows us mental health is very bad at moving with the times so once a patient was diagnosed in the seventies it is very unlikely they would get a new diagnosis in the eighties, unless they changed care providers or developed new symptoms (Yeah know, just saying;-) )
7/19/2018 c13 Bella119
I now so want to read the Murdock’s girl falling for Face and leaving the pilot. As for a BA love interest yuck!
7/18/2018 c12 Bella119
Thank you for killing Alex, she was the epitome of Mary Sueness.
Now we have a lot of eye rolling but still waiting for some collar tugging and hand through hair from the agents.
7/18/2018 c6 Bella119
I don’t think I’ve used the word patting very often in my stories but next chapter I write I am so going to include padding as a challenge to myself. Yet again a brilliant mission, with your own Sues becoming more and more like the team every chapter
7/18/2018 c4 Bella119
Haha you pick up on the lack of proper ABC before starting rescue breaths rather than the fact putting your lips against someone dying probable with blood pumping out their mouth isn’t nice.
So happy you tackled slash and the naval gazing over emotional OOC that goes with it. Don’t get me started on basic human physics and the impossibility of most slash writers ‘positions’.
As for Tia, swinging and box sets I have actual tears streaming as I laugh
7/18/2018 c8 Bella119
I can’t breath for laughing.
“Going to find any 1972-1983 ff and dump him in there”
“Can we keep him”
7/18/2018 c32 Bella119
I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.
You killed the baby
This is a brilliant synopsis of each story. So glad you’re in retirement I’d be terrified what you’d do to my stories.
Still very funny but cringing for all the authors you’ve ripped apart!
8/23/2016 c34 GuestWithATude
They wouldn't go on any missions until the whole team was able. Except Frankie. They'd leave him behind.
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