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10/26/2009 c1 20Pheonix09
ooc-kurama but i liked it. you should continue it.
8/23/2009 c1 20Yoko Fujioka
Man, this should be rated "T" not "M"
2/1/2009 c1 1Akai Kaze
Who is "she"? My guess is Mukuro. But that's only me. :)
10/7/2006 c1 4Sharikoutsu
i love your story i didn't understand it at first but i understand now the'she' you were talking about is i guessing botan but i could be wrong oh well i still loved your story
6/29/2006 c1 Fangs of Fire
Swet. Viddy teen-angst, methinks, but I like the format anyways. ^^ I vote companion fic, too.
5/13/2006 c1 Only the Ring Finger Knows
OOh, how sad this sounds. Is the person in the story Kurama?
5/5/2006 c1 6rose-in-may
multi-chapter. *nods* Yes.
4/22/2006 c1 2Hiei's girl 06
okay I usualy hate song fics but this was great! i realy liked it!
4/17/2006 c1 rosealin minamino
Yes a companion fic sounds so good! Your mind seems to dish out just the right things.
4/12/2006 c1 nightmare rose
sniff snff...this was...AWESOME!...part two would be much appreciated!! u can even have one of my pixie sticks *hands one over*...there u go! now get high on sugar and start working on it!...hehehe sry im just a little sugar high...dont mind me!...umm...but i still really want to see a sequel or a next chapter...if that's ok by u!^_^
4/9/2006 c1 2ToraYashaChan
OMFG! O_O THIS IS AWSOME! PLEASE WRITE A SEQUAL! I have cookies! *gives you one*

I would think that "She" is either Botan (even though I can't see Hiei and her in a relationship XD) or Mukuro...
4/8/2006 c1 17TheDemonQueen1
Wow, that was really good. I have a feeling I know who She is... I believe it is our favorite blue haired beauty... but then again I tend to picture them together... LOL! Well I think a companion fic would be really good. I would be incrediably interested, and if you have started it let me know! Ja ne!
4/7/2006 c1 rikku
this story is really good. shuuichi is expressing his feeling about hiei. i'm putting this on my favorites list.
4/6/2006 c1 1LoveHiei-Rine
Oh My God!

YES YES YES Yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!


it's great make a part TWO!

4/6/2006 c1 Guess
Oh My, (i'm guessing you don't mind swearing, sorry if you do) Fucking God. This is the best fic I have ever read in my entire life and i have read alot. It's so sad, yet not, know what I mean? you've got me hooked so you better keep reading. I think I'll go read your story again. Later
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