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2/17/2007 c8 3ManyHawks
at first i wasn't sure, but i changed my mind at the end :) very nice. YOU ROCK!
8/20/2006 c8 3rusted.silhouette
This story is so sweet and kinda sad, but i love it!
6/13/2006 c8 38UnnamedElement
Shall I repeat what everyone else has said? Yes, I shall. Aw, so sweet! Haha. It was, though. Anyway, cheers! -UE

P.S. I did laugh, though, imagining Mark in the Santa suit. Haha. And then I laughed more because I have zebra tights that look like Angel's, and imagining Mark in my tights cracked me up more than imagining Mark in Angel's. Anyway, the point of a review is to tell you how much I loved your story right? ;) Haha. So, I loved it. There ya go. The P.S. is longer than the review. What can I say. . .
6/8/2006 c8 10QuixoticLover
Aw, that's so... I don't know. Sweet? Touching?

I'm really sorry, but for a second I was laughing. It just struck me as funny, Mark in Angel's santa outfit.

Yes. Sweet and touching, and it is the coolness. ^_^
5/8/2006 c8 16ickle-s-10
oh that was so sad. and sweet. and i really liked it. especially the end.
5/7/2006 c8 4luvin-it
Aw. :( This is so sweet.

I love it! *applause*

Favorite stories. :)
5/7/2006 c8 9Lanhar
ah, now that was a good way to end.

love it!

go marky

5/3/2006 c7 16ickle-s-10
good chapter! i think you should write an epilogue. honestly, i'm not so sure if the end mean collins and mark are going to get together, so you might want to clear that up. but if you don't, that ok.
5/2/2006 c7 4luvin-it
4/26/2006 c6 luvin-it
Aww. I miss Angel too.

Go Mark! :)

Update soon. I love this story already. :)
4/26/2006 c6 192LuckyxLabradoodlexLoverx7
awesome job! i love it so far! hopefully there'll be more. what if maureen and joanne saw mark in angel's drag? funny!

-Adds author to favorites-

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lotsa love!




Madame Elphaba
4/26/2006 c6 16ickle-s-10
aw, cute ending. a little sad that mark is actually replacing angel now, but it's still ok. and i love the "today for you, tomorrow for me" part
4/23/2006 c5 ickle-s-10
good chapter. i like that mimi didn't scream or anything. is this the end?
4/11/2006 c4 ickle-s-10
i LUV the new chapter! and the whole mark-going-drag thing was VERY excting.

i don't think i've menitioned this yet, but i really like the way you're writing this. it's almost like it's a poem, except not. very original.

update soon!
4/10/2006 c3 ickle-s-10
i luv the new chapter!

is mark gonna try on the santa outfit? if he does, please include other people's reactions!

you're welcome
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