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for Of Teddy Bears and Happiness

2/13/2017 c1 Guest
me gusto mucho la ahi muchos fanfic de choji y sakura
7/7/2013 c1 QuietWolfOwl
This was adorable! Excellent work :)
9/2/2011 c1 3Frida-Froz
Aww this was so cute =3

Teddy Bear~ Aww haha =')
11/6/2007 c1 7abyssalite
7/2/2007 c1 10Goatis
very cute, but Sakura's character wouldn't really say that, she's just as vain as Ino, they both diet like crazy in an anorexia competition it the whole...I like you as a great big teddy bear thing isn't accurate for her character...not in a oneshot, she'd perhaps need a longer more drawn out interaction with the Akimichi in order for her to get over her shallow ideals...
6/3/2007 c1 2Purple Kunoichi
Very cute! I love what Sakura said about Chouji being a Teddy Bear. I never saw Sakura and Chouji happening before this fic, but you have made it possible! Great job! I'm adding it to my faves!
2/9/2007 c1 75VesperChan
Aww I love this fic, and though it's one the the least likely pairings I love it. gosh I wish they had more on this pairing it's so cute.
12/15/2006 c1 20Artemis 85
aw so cute, why are people always mean to the fat kids, fat kids are cute! lol~! luved it!
8/30/2006 c1 7dreamlifter
i dug it alot all the way to when they both first sit there. lots of mood. things went fast, but hey this is a drabble
7/26/2006 c1 25Tearfeather
sweet, but, why Choji? still sweet though.
7/14/2006 c1 28Pylea Princess
this is the first time i have seen this pairing~
5/31/2006 c1 3Angelic-Demonic Puppet
Cute story, this is my first Choji/sakura story, and it was fun to read! A little corny, but that's how I like my stories!
5/16/2006 c1 20baldragnarok16
Great job person! Chouji is way underused in pairings, so this is like a breath of fresh air. Keep it up!
5/16/2006 c1 7Youkolvr
Cute! I love Choji!
4/13/2006 c1 Mernere
:3 That's so cute!It's really good.
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