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for Pleading Ignorance, Cracking Porcelain

9/14/2002 c1 1Terra-fying
Oh, I love this fic! ^.^ It worked really well; it was believable and interesting, and the characters behaved realistically, I thought. All sorts of great elements, too, so that it wasn't "just another" 3x4/4x3 fic, but a truly unique, original story, enhancing the idea of a relationship between Trowa and Quatre. ^-^ And Peter is cool!
12/21/2001 c1 SchizoAuthoress
OMG...How wonderful...I love it! Quoth, you are a genius...that fic so wonderfully captured T&Q's relationsip...^.^
12/4/2001 c1 8Tsuki-Moon
Oh... My... God. *glomps "Quoth" with as much force as humanly possible* Do you have ANY idea how good that was? Wow, wow, wow, wow... I really wish ff.net had favorites still. *hugs* This was so very lovely, and so close to the storyline with Trowa's past (and Quatre's too), something most writers don't seem to grasp in the least. Always continue writing, or the world will be at a great loss, I guarentee it. Always, Tsuki
7/21/2001 c1 Shoori
Yay! I found this! I read this story a long time ago on some Trowa/Quatre archive that's now down, and I thought I had lost it forever! I'm SO excited to see it again! I LOVE it! I really like the way you've portrayed these characters. This is the story that reconciled me to 3x4/4x3. Stories with that pairing are so frequently just shallow mush; this was the first one I read that was sweet and romantic but still meaningful and in-character. Great story! I hope you write more GW!
6/30/2001 c1 8Raakiid
Come ON! How could this story have gotten only four reviews? It's what got me to liking 4+3 in the first place! The emotions running rampant are just gorgeous, and I LOVE what you did with Rashid's character. The embarrassment that Quatre felt at the carnival, the irritability . . . I could so easily sympathize with it. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous story, and SHAME on anyone who hasn't read it!
5/23/2001 c1 1Vashana
::sobs:: That was so sad...::sobs more:: But it was great. Very well written, I loved the way you had them solve it. I love the realism that you put into this story. I could actually see something like this happening in real life. Job well done. I applaud you.
5/20/2001 c1 2Tyleet
WEEEEE! Lovely! Sadness, happiness, angstiness, cuteness... Ah, it ROCKED! ::clicks favorites box:: keep it up!
5/19/2001 c1 11Lady PhoenixDagger
Sniff. Sniff. That was amazing!
5/19/2001 c1 Finny
The more you love, the more you hurt. But at least Trowa and Quatre *can* love. Not everyone...can.

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