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for Banjo Kazooie Meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Final

7/30/2018 c10 icicle.c.cold
Ah, I knew I liked you. Strong Bad reference for the win!
Good story, solid plot, nice plot twists.
And the game show! I had a big dopey grin on my face reading those chapters!
I liked this story, and while Sonic is not my favorite series, I enjoyed it a lot.
Good job, and never stop writing!

Have you played Yooka Laylee? It plays just like Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, and many of the people who worked on the BK games worked on Yooka Laylee.
It's really fun! Complete with a rude flying companion and collectables!
I play it using my USB N64 controller, but it was a pain to map the buttons. Worth it though!
7/30/2018 c1 icicle.c.cold
I LOVE THIS STORY! I never would have thought to make a crossover between Sonic and BK, but looking at it now, it makes perfect sense. It's playful and witty while still managing to be just serious enough to add a level of gravity to the situation. A on writing all the character's personalities correctly, most people who write Sonic don't properly capture his personality. Looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

You have some minor typos, the kind that are not caught by standard computer spelling and grammar checkers. These typos consist of missing words, and words that are spelled correctly, but are the wrong spelling.

For example: "They could not bare the weight." versus "They could not bear the weight."
'bare' is lacking a covering. 'bear' is to carry or hold something.

It's really easy to make those kinds of typos, and I advise having another set of human eyes read it over before publishing. If you really don't want to have someone else read it before publishing, let it sit for a few days and then come back to it with fresh eyes. You have real potential as an author, and it shines through in these stories. Don't stop writing!
3/13/2014 c8 9A Titan's Ghost
Love the Dragon part you really got it nailed
4/28/2013 c9 bearvalley3365
I really thougt this chapter is the all time best that I have read so for please keep up the good work.
1/30/2013 c10 3BlowholeGuy24
You must make another BK Sonic crossover. But if u do, add Mr. Patch. he's one of the greatest bosses of all time. just a thought.
2/18/2011 c9 6GlaringEyes
I have read your Sonic and BK's sides of story too and I must say: FREAKING AWESOME fanfics!

At first, I didn't think a Sonic and BK crossover would work. Couldn't see any match... guess I was wrong. Both games share more similarities than I thought: the heroes are animals with super-powers, the villains are humans (well, Grunty is a witch, but still a human), they fight to protect their homes. I liked your assumption that Sonic and BK share the same world (not some kind of parallel universes).

I liked even more your reference to Shaman King at this chapter. By the time I hit my eyes on it, I remembered Yoh and Hao's final battle.

Another really strong point about your story is the fact that neither BK nor Sonic outstages each other (a common problem in crossovers). They both have their fair share of spotlight (to the point there is a separate story for each POV).

Great work, Cyberbanjo. Look forward to your next works!
10/16/2010 c9 qwertfgh
7/6/2010 c10 Maxwell
I love the whole of the story!
4/20/2010 c9 gamemaster04
hey...i just relized something...the part where everyone wants banjo,kazooie,sonic,and shadow to win...not only is it like paper mario ttyd...its like earthbound,where everyone wants ness and his friends to win against the evil giygas...this is just like that...sonic and his friends fighting grunty are like ness and his friends...while grunty is like giygas...kinda ironic,dontcha think?
11/26/2009 c10 gamemaster04
i have one word:EPICAL


the wheel of doom(i think i got it said right)was crazy,just like the tower of tragety thing from banjo kazooie and tooie

the final battle,was like,EPIC EPIC EPIC,it was cool when grunty got skull-i-fied again,and egg man got flied to other area(id say other planet,lolzar)

11/18/2009 c1 Nintendo-Paramount1104
So far, so good! Keep up the good work!
9/25/2009 c9 10Nepezi
9/18/2009 c10 Morph
Overall I liked how you split it into different sides at first. Always liked the branching storylines in the Sonic games.
6/21/2009 c10 Julayla
Wow, just wow...your Sonic/Banjo Kazooie crossover was excellent. Probably even better than my Sonic/Conker/Banjo-Kazooie series, my Sonic Underground Remake. I think you did a spectacular job here. Good work.
6/1/2009 c10 9shygirl2009
U should make a sequel 4 this story

I think it might be good
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