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for Banjo Kazooie Meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Final

5/6/2009 c1 Creatively Common
Love it, love it, love it! Love Kazooie too (in a sexual way, woot!)

Please write sequel!
2/19/2009 c10 Furnace Fun
Great story! I really enjoyed the whole Banjo / Sonic idea. I see you put a lot of time and effort in to writting this, it shows in the text. And you also must have done a lot of in-game research for things like, 'The Wheel of Torture.' Big Butts and Gutts? I actually remembered that one! Oh well, there goes another element off the periodic table, (sigh).

The only thing I found a little cheesey was the whole, "We're good, so we get more power from the emeralds than you' thing. But I don't expect to anything change because of my silly opinions. And it is part Sonic, so I did expect to see some 'The Power of Friendship' content :)

I also liked how you made Banjo & Kazooie super in the end. I would have been heartbroken if Sonic and Shadow had towered over Banjo & Kazooie in power.

So, as I sit here typing on Opera, trying to get my annoying sensor bar to work the way I want it to. Not the way logic wants it to, I just want to say I had great fun reading your story. I had great fun at the fact that you gave two, seperate stories for the two seperate company characters' point of views. And I also had GREAT fun reviewing this story! (Okay the typing, not so much, but the sending part, that was the best.) I really hope to see a possible sequal to this story!

Anyways, thanks, for five hours and a half worth of fun fanfaction.

Banjo: So what do you think about the story Kazooie?

Kazooie: I think it was as good as that cat's IQ that we met in the jungle.

Banjo: ...I don't get it.

Kazooie: Let me rephrase that, I think the story was as good as YOUR IQ.

Banjo: Kazooie!
11/16/2008 c10 17charizardag
wow, that was a pretty awesome fic series. nice job
5/29/2007 c9 7godmario
W00T! Go Banjo,Kazooie,Sonic,Shadow!

Beside from that, AWESOME story!
4/18/2007 c10 39The Time Traveler
Excellent work on this crossover. Very nice job. Wish they actually made a game of it. And btw I like that part in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door as well. You know the whole people yelling thier aid etc. I saw something almost simular to that in Megaman Battle Network 4. Again nice job! "See you in the Future!"
7/20/2006 c9 Mind Fracture
Fantastic! I had the Metal Overlord theme from Sonic Heroes playing while I read this. I like the Paper Mario TYD allusion too. I'm eagerly awaiting the new chapters to your sequel.
7/18/2006 c10 2k+Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus
That was awesome. I manage to catch this, and I remembered that I read this a few days agao! XD Great job with the ending! Now I look forward to what happens next! ..Although i know now...because i just looked at it...lol.
6/22/2006 c10 1Stardart
Bravo man, that was Excellent. To be hounest you should make a Seqel. This Story's too good not to.
6/18/2006 c10 12Formerly BM Jr
wow. what you said about me almost made me wanna cry. this was a very good finale.

i really can't wait for a sequel, and hopefully it'll be out soon.

i just can't believe that i was really the first one to review the sonic side and i'm glad i helped you out with darkness and darkness 2. i really liked those fics, and especially this three fiction story.

6/18/2006 c8 Formerly BM Jr
holy cow again. you even included the babylon rouges in this chapter. i see a sequel coming on.

best chapter yet

but i've already said that a few dozen times, so...oh well.
6/18/2006 c7 Formerly BM Jr
holy cow, i didn't even know half of the stuff you put into this chapter. i knew some about banjo tooie, but i didn't know that much about some of the sonic games. and i was sure it was just espio, vector, and charmy (it was in sonic heroes).

anyways, this was a good chapter.

p.s: please come on msn when you can. you missed the anniversary party already (you know what i'm talking about).
6/16/2006 c10 Raxivace
...And so it all comes to an end. For now at least. You have done an amazing job with this story Cyberbanjo. I really appreciate being mentioned there in the end. Good luck for the sequwl. I'll be awaiting it.

Speaking of sequels, I had a few ideas.

1.Since they searched for Chaos Emeralds in the Isle o' Hags, why not search for Jiggies in Station Square?

2.Possibly other Rare and Sega characters appear? You have mentioned Diddy before.

3. What about making up original characters? Such as a new main villain or an extra hero?

So long for now Cyberbanjo. You're an awesome writer. I await the day the sequel gets put up. Until then...farewell.
6/14/2006 c10 2Dark Dragon Kyra
Good end to an awesome story, it was pretty funny. XD The only thing I didn't like about this story was its corniness, because I don't like corny things, except for corn. Corn is good, and so is the band Korn, but that in all is a completely different subject. XD XD

Thanks for the mention, I haven't been mentioned in a while! ^.^

Now, for a sequel... I think I might be able to help you with plot and whatnot, and be careful on which characters you add in. Example, it might not be a wise idea for Eggman Nega and Blaze the Cat (I have a character named Blaze, a hedgehog, I made a long while before this kitty came into the picture, and I was pissed when she stole his and countless other's names XD), for there are certain things that need to happen for the two to come to the world, then there has to be a bit more plot for it. XD AKA, more work. But if ya need help, I'm always here for ideas! When they hit me... X.x

I just remembered that you said that you weren't sure about a sequel... *is boulder'd, brick'd, slap'd, sucker-punch'd, and dumb'd*
6/13/2006 c10 anounymous
This was an awsome story. I hope you make a better sequel with even more characters... like the super smash bros mabye?
6/13/2006 c10 2Raykura-Kura
Great story, overall! So, Knuckles blew up the tornado, hm?;)

.P.S. I recently got an account I'm Brett Nigel Mason, if you didn't know!
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