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for Banjo Kazooie Meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Final

6/12/2006 c10 10SJ777
Hehehe, it's all finally over... eh, crossover-fics are usually a bt anti-climatic. I dunno how mine (crossover with my own universe and the Teen Titans) is gonna end...
6/12/2006 c10 Neros Urameshi
YAY!.!.!.! Bravo!.!.! (applauding) You rule! I'm glad you finished the story! I say you SHOULD do a sequel! And this time, have the Babylon Rogues join the Sonic Heroes and the BK Gang! But uh-oh! Black Doom and Wizpig are back! The Sonic Heroes and the BK Gang are gonna need a lot of help!

I have a request. Could you have the following allies join the Sonic BK Heroes?

Cream the Rabbit

Big the Cat


Chris Thorndyke (from Sonic X)




Mina the Mongoose

Rouge the Bat

E-123 Omega



Mr. Vile

Jinjos of every color


That's all the characters I can think of so far. Again, congratulations on completing this awesome story! You rule!
6/11/2006 c9 futurespast112
...you do realize that "decimate" means "to kill ten percent of", right? thought i would clear that up.
6/6/2006 c9 Neros Urameshi
That was TOTALLY COOL!.!.!.!.!.! YOU RULE!.!.!.!.! This crossover is just about over! I love it! Please continue! I want a Sonic/Amy romance!
6/6/2006 c9 SJ777
Holy helsing! Eh, a somewhat cliched but still good final battle. Hehehe... how's this gonna end?
6/6/2006 c9 Raxivace
This was an awesome chapter. Are you sure about the Emerald thing though? Anyways that was an awesome way to defeat Grunty. Super Bannjo amd Super Kazooie was a good idea. Is there a chance of there ever being a sequel to Banjo Kazooie Meets Sonic the Hedgehog by and chance? That would be cool. Keep up the good work with any future projects you might have.
6/6/2006 c8 Raxivace
This has been cool. Looks like things are coming to an end.
6/6/2006 c8 Shadow49
This chapter is GREAT! I hope to see more soon.
6/5/2006 c8 Quartz the Chao
Update, Update, Update!

Ahem:There is no such thing as hyper shadow! what you saw in the games was SUPER shadow, not hyper, super. It was on the official sega websites
6/3/2006 c8 Neros Urameshi
The smiles on their faces! THe dull gray emeralds being used! It can only mean one thing! SUPER SONIC AND HYPER SHADOW!.!.!.!.!

Please continue! This is getting exciting!
6/3/2006 c7 Gameplayer Ali
Yay! They finally won.

But, I havent played Banjo-Tooie but I at least know how to spell Chilli Billi and know that he's a Fire dragon. Chilly Willy is the ice dragon.

Now to read chapter 8.
6/3/2006 c8 SJ777
Swet, some Chaos Control powah... Can't wait to see the end. This has been one hell of a crossover.
6/2/2006 c7 Raxivace
That was cool. Quick question. Did Knuckles ever find all of the shards of the Master Emerald? I'd check myself, but I don't have time to.
6/1/2006 c7 15Dandylions
more wheel of torture! Ugh, that was torture! At least it's over...

Update soon, plz.
5/31/2006 c7 10SJ777
Less questions, more action. Amy's got rocket boots huh? Sonic's in trouble now!
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