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for Banjo Kazooie Meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Final

5/31/2006 c7 Neros Urameshi
YAY!.!.! The Sonic Heroes and the BK Gang won the game show! But BOO!.!.! Bottles has been roboticized and so does Amy's feet! Please continue! There has to be a way to fix the roboticization!
5/26/2006 c6 15Dandylions
hey, it's about time someone wrote a crossover between these games^^

I like this a lot. It's much better than I thought. Update soon please!

5/19/2006 c6 Twilight Prince
I LOVE IT!(yes i like using exclamation points) This is priceless! Write more, WRITE MORE NOW! Ciao!
5/12/2006 c4 12Formerly BM Jr
wow. ever since i rented out sonic riders, i was psyched about the new characters. the thing I'm wondering, though, is how you figured out about the super emeralds. Heck, I'm usually on top of most games (including the new super smash bros game coming out next year), yet I hadn't even heard of the super emeralds.

this was the most exhilarating chapter you've made yet, and tons of characters have made an appearance, including the babylon rogues, cream, and the race bots from sonic riders. the only sonic character your missing is rouge, and by the way, when is she going to make an appearance, anyways.

plus you just used characters from a total of...11 different games. holy cow, you must of had to do some serious research for this chapter before you completed it.

and on a final and last note (i know, they mean the exact same thing), sorry it took me so long to review, but our family was having internet connection problems. and no, that banjo-kazooie fiction i made was not the super one i mentioned, it was just one that came out of nowhere one day.
5/10/2006 c6 10SJ777
Ah, the insanity continues... so there's your namesake huh? At last, every author ends up inserting one somewhere. Nearly all of my stories have one of my alter-egos... (tried reading 'em, btw? They're good. I think.)
5/10/2006 c6 Raxivace
Awesome chapter. Quite ironic enemies.
5/10/2006 c6 Neros Urameshi
Wow! That was an intense battle! Three characters got 5 points while the rest got 7. They need to earn more points to win the game. Please continue!

By the way, I thought of another romance idea. How about another couple I really love? Shadow/Cream. Just click my author name, go through "Stories Authored" and you'll find the story called "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?".
5/9/2006 c6 futures past115
good chapter. as for romance, i have some ideas.




hope that helps.
5/7/2006 c5 SJ777
Oh, the eensanity! And Amy kicks butt once again... lemma tell ya, you don't wanna get in her way when she gets mad...
5/7/2006 c5 Raxivace
Man it took you w while to update. Still, this was a good chapter. How long do you plan on making Wheel of Torture?
5/7/2006 c5 Neros Urameshi
All right!.!.!.! Amy survived the next challenge of Wheel of Torture! But Artificial Chaos used from Metal Terry? Wow! Can you imagine that!

But what is the next Torture challenge for our heroes if one of them got it wrong? Will they survive Gruntilda's gameshow? Or will they get roboticized?

Join us in the next round of... WHEEL... OF... TORTURE!.!.!

(laughs) Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Anyway, please continue!

Amy: I can't believe I fought a giant pterodactyl! All on my own! Who else wants some!

Me: Don't get cocky, Amy. You don't want to get roboticized.

Amy: You're right. Anyway, good luck with the next chapter, Cyberbanjo! You're a great author!

Me: I agree!
4/24/2006 c4 2Dark Dragon Kyra
I've played Sonic Riders, and I have to say this: That game RAWKS! I want to strangle Jason Griffith for what he did with Jet's voice, though...

Enough of my ranting, I like this chapter. I don't know why, but I do. Can't wait for the next one!
4/24/2006 c4 Raxivace
That was really cool. Maybe next time you could have them do something like a group fight. Or maybe another race through a B-K world like CCW. Update soon!
4/24/2006 c4 10SJ777
Oh, the agony. Someone's gonna get robotocized by the end of this, I'm sure.
4/24/2006 c4 Neros Urameshi
What a great chapter! And I really love it when Cream, Cheese, the Chaotix and the Babylon Rogues are there! Please continue!
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