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7/13/2008 c1 21SNN
Let me say this before anything else: your writing is amazing. It's the kind of writing that people like Shakespeare build shrines for. 'Kay?

Now I'm going to quote some of this inspiring literature to further prove my point:

"You were my beginning and end and the forever’s in-between."

That one floored me. You captured the desperation and love in him with one single, breath-taking sentence.

"...you are my miserable saviour complex."

Poor Tommy.

"I’m not angry at you for believing the poetic corruption whispered into your ear by Eden’s snake."

I find it insanely unfair that you can think to make references like this and I can't seem to think of words any better than "amazing." (This is me being jealous, by the way. Take this as a compliment.)

"Maybe I’m lonely and that’s all I’m qualified to be."

Okay, so I know this one was part of the song, but your use of it perfected this oneshot.

"You were my redemption’s song."

Can words describe the awesomeness that is that line? No, my dear, they cannot.

"I’m not some great pretender. Don’t fall to the sidelines of my monotony. Can’t you pretend, as my last hurrah, that you still have faith?"

Seriously, do you have to be such a fantastic writer? Jeez. ;)

"I’m in the cascade now and there is not another card for my hand."

*sigh* Poor Tommy.

To put it simply: you've done a wonderful job in portraying his apparent desperation.

Excellent work! =]
4/24/2006 c1 6Roguester
"You were my beginning and end and the forever’s in-between."

Oh god, that line took my breath away. This is only the second Instant Star fic that I've read. I can't wait to read some more :)
4/19/2006 c1 15Little Eirtae
I really enjoy your stories. Quality Instant Star fanficton is SO hard to find. So many people don't see Tommy as anything but Jude's hot producer, and it's so lovely to find somebody who sees the depth in the characters. I've always thought there was something very tragic about Tommy, and your stories illustrate this beautifully. I hope you're planning more soon. :)
4/12/2006 c1 12Alyson Grant
Your writing is always beautiful and this story is no exception.

One thing though. You mentioned the song but not it's name or who it's by. And judging by the lyrics you must have been one very cool third grader.

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