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for From his blood and tears

7/17/2009 c2 6Mrs Maxim de Winter
1. No A/N's in the middle of the story.

7/17/2009 c1 Mrs Maxim de Winter
It's Lily.

It's Azkaban (Google it).

It's lying.

It's the Burrow.

It's writing.

What's going on.
7/20/2008 c1 destinysings
why did u stop writting this story! i really enjoyed reading it and then u just stoped! plz update!
7/21/2006 c20 bwitched
This chapter was good...even if u think it was crappy..i liked it.looking forward to the next chapter.
7/14/2006 c2 2dancin1in3my1undiez6
Luvv your plot...moving a little fast though,

Off to read the rest!


*Check out my fics some time*
7/5/2006 c20 sdasdasda
Isnt this story about Harry?...Havent heard of the guy a lot now have we?
7/4/2006 c20 12Mersang
Oh, Draco is SO dead.
7/4/2006 c2 2megaera farrell
I'm a little confused. When i started reading this story I thought it would be about Harry and his parents because that is the section it is located. But now it has started to become all about his sister. Also, I don't understand why Lily is so upset? If this Rachel woman was trustworthy enough to care for a sick baby why would Lily be so frantic in finding her, while she has started to ignore Harry and the horrible way the Dursley's treated him. I would think her concern would be more on him.
7/4/2006 c20 2flower123
OMG!OMG!Wait first she wants to sell her family out for her friends and now shes pregnent with draco malfoys baby!OMG!THis is bad really bad when her parents find out and then harry!OMG!UPDATE SON
6/29/2006 c2 12Mersang
Actually, Harry was 15 months old when Voldemort attacked, not 14. But close enough.
6/26/2006 c19 2flower123
Well I think that you should tell us about the letter and have it about one of here friends back home. Maybe someone has died or that another event has happened to the person.UPDATE SON
6/21/2006 c8 5jesse1588
if i were i'd stop with the review replys one because they are annoying and 2 they are not allowed, that's why u have the relpy botton on the review page.
6/21/2006 c2 jesse1588
ok this story is moving waayy too fast, you need to slow down the pace a little bit.
6/16/2006 c18 2flower123
ok so whats with the letter in the other chapter nad why is it making her upset does it have to with her being a death eater? Is she still a death eater?UPDATE SON

P.S.- shes evil!
6/15/2006 c1 13The Poisoned Doughnut Of DOOM
Oops! I thought I reviewed. Anyway, thanks for putting up a real chapter. I loved it, by the way. Can't wait to find out what the letter said. It was from Malfoy, right?
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