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9/27/2014 c10 yomiko-chan
The plot of your story is very unique. And yet after all this years it looks like this story will never be finish. Too bad because many of us are looking forward in reading it. I hope that you will still continue this story, it is such a waste if you leave it just here. :3
10/12/2008 c9 xenocanaan
update as soon as possible
8/29/2008 c10 Ja'an
I check back two years later and I find that you still write a little here and there. Knowing that this hasn't been totally neglected makes me all the more happy to keep checking back and hoping for more. Yeah, college life is hectic, but just wait until you get a job and things afterward. But we do what we can when we can. Again, no rush, take your time. :)
8/28/2008 c10 82Ngoc Chau
So, where's the next chapter?
8/27/2008 c9 2iryko
Fantastic storyline! I never once thought of Tokio in such a negative way. Rather cool actually.

7/22/2008 c1 5The Puppeteer
I actually like this story. Any chance of you coming back with an update or maybe completing this chapter in the future?
4/9/2008 c9 The Puppeteer
At this point's cool. The fans, as I've just become, can wait as long as possible, as long as we know you will update! This is a great bloody read and I'm throughly entertained.

I'd actually like to see Tokio, not turn into a beauty queen or any such rut. But for our man Saitou to see the beauty in her. I think that is one of the biggest problems I have with a lot of stories. These girls always are beauty queens, or beautiful this or that. No one really makes them plain. There are some plain janes who do score the amazing guy. Actually, I think the plain janes or even the chubby girls should get a chance with the amazing guy.

It's not fair that only the pretty ones or the so-called beauties are alloted the perfect guy. I think it would be a great aspect of Saitou as well to see him looking beyond the exterior and actually doing as you mentioned in chapter 7 or 8 of Okita telling him to do...find out what's made her that way.

I totally think your story is in character for Saitou and I adore Okita, but if you're doing Tokio-I'm rooting she doesn't turn in this overused concept of the swan on the outside at least. But on the inside, his love and the support of the Matsuyama's will help her.

Oh another question, any chance you might have Tokio take up a martial art. I think that would be pretty interesting not only for Saitou's character who might have an entertaining sparring partner in Tokio, but also for Tokio's character. Some place to focus and let out her anger and frustration and probably work in providing a form of meditation. It'd be cool for her to shout out Aku Soku Zan (without learning it from Saitou) when she's in battle.

Anyway those were just suggestions nothing more. I love the story and really the direction you were taking. I was in great fear when I read the summary that she would turn into some swan princess later in the story, I'm glad it hasn't come to taht...(personal hope it doesn't) ^_^

I love the story and keep it coming. You did an amazing job and I'm enjoying it. You're totally on my fave author list, this is on my fave stories list and my alert list.

Take your time, as long as you promise on anything substantial to you that you'll at least finish it, no matter if it takes you 10 years...okay or maybe shorter (my bloody pressure may not be able to handle 10 years). ^_^ You've done a great story, you have a great idea and plot, the known characters are not OOC and kept on point and I like the attitude of those you've developed and those you've created. Amazing job and you have a load of fans supporting you.

Keep up the great work.
1/17/2008 c10 RipDmgXz
Awsome awsome awsome story! Cant wait for the next chapter
1/6/2008 c10 reader
Thank you for the update! It will be interesting to see how Tokio responds to the continuing efforts of Minami and her family to find the goodness buried deep inside Tokio!
1/5/2008 c10 yayy
it's really improved. please continue
1/5/2008 c10 2Valinor's Twilight
nice update.
8/14/2007 c9 Tara
Not like other TokioxSaito fics! I love it! Please update fast!
1/28/2007 c9 Ami
bep bep beep beep beep beep!

okay anyways that was friggin awsome but i can't belive you finished it like that, such a cool story hey if you want just finish it and you never have to write in your whole life time cuz it was so col!
12/24/2006 c9 namekemono
This is a really interesting story! I admire that in the midst of all the "tragically beautiful" stories you came up with a plot that is unique and still manages to maintain an elegant feel. I enjoy your writing style a lot, simple, but still with feeling.

I found some spelling errors, and they distracted me a bit, but overall, I really enjoy this story.

Thanks for writing, good luck with your exam, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
12/4/2006 c9 1triniti71
Thanks for the update! i like that you showed a glimpse of what she might change into from the scene with her holding the boy. tokio indeed seems to be very intelligent so i hope that saitos attitude towards her will change as the story progresses. Kool. i'm looking foreward to the next chapter.
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