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9/1/2008 c4 Toni
I'd like to agree with that lil' quote from your teacher; good advice or (what have you) really. But it's also hard to accept when you haven't got one in your life ya know :)
7/6/2008 c13 FaceOfAMask
Oh! To happy endings! -Toasts.- Ooer. Happy endings indeed. That part about the journal brings up some thoughts. -Eyebrow waggle.-
7/6/2008 c12 FaceOfAMask
Wait. Draco and Shane are friends now?
3/20/2008 c13 3iMnOtReAlLYcRaZy
aw cute!
3/15/2008 c13 18occasionally-maybe-never
Nice story, I enjoyed it!

3/13/2008 c13 Babiiee-Z
Naw, so cute! I loved the ending. Please write more =]

3/13/2008 c13 3Catnipob
Yay, a happy ending :)

I'm glad that it all ended up nicely, well done on completing a full story too! I'm still trying to do that.

Next story then please?
1/13/2008 c12 janea
OMG this is ah-mazing! next chap! gahh i'm dying with anticipation! :0

1/11/2008 c12 Resentful
Oh you updated! Wo! I didn't even notice until I saw that there was a chapter after 11 sweet! I'm so excited now! Can't wait till you finish!
1/11/2008 c11 Resentful
Okay, I admit it. I got confused a lil bit, but than i saw your note at the beginnig and thought. DUH!
1/11/2008 c10 Resentful
These plans are kind of lame. What's she trying to do?
1/11/2008 c9 Resentful
...G stood for gorgeous? Where have i heard that before? LMAO&
1/11/2008 c8 Resentful
Poo, you didn't describe the dress! just hte box it came in!
1/11/2008 c7 Resentful
Geez this girl doesn't quit, what's up with your Colleen character? shes nothing like the real you. LOL or is she? Just kidding, just kidding.
1/11/2008 c6 Resentful
*whistles* Oh la la!
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