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for First Kiss

2/4/2007 c1 10samsolace
Never thought of Merex, but when I read it, I thought, okay! Thank you. I enjoyed it.
9/17/2006 c1 1987
Lovely. Vibrant writing, this piece is very powerful, I love seeing something like this from Alex's POV.
7/13/2006 c1 aprilb
OMG that kiss was so hot! Is this a one shot? Cuz if it isn't please update. I LOVE it!
4/16/2006 c1 1luv24Alias
I LUVED it totally great u should so write more i mean ur making me a mer/alex shipper!I still luv my mer/der but while their not together i gladly ship mer/alex. Plz write more alex/mer fics im luvin them ur the best rock on!
4/15/2006 c1 5LucklessSlinger
That's one hot first kiss. Little thing though, that last line about Derek seeing it, it seems a little out of place in the overall tone of the story, like it either needed to be expanded upon or removed, since the idea was of the first kiss between them (though I do like the idea of him watching.) Anyway, good job, I loved this.

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