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2/21/2011 c22 15Oky Verlo
Very impressive. I hope to read again once you have updated.

Toodles and Love

Oky Verlo
2/21/2011 c22 krazypig91
omg.. wonderful chapter! =)
2/21/2011 c22 James Birdsong
You're welcome. Yes it can be said chapters 21 and 22 are good work. It can be said golly you did well ^_^
2/21/2011 c22 cupid17
will definitely keep on reading!

& to you... ganbatte-ne!
2/20/2011 c22 Suyi
omg! finally! hahaa! cant wait for the next chapter! please please PLEASE update soon!
2/20/2011 c22 Angel Cherry Blossom
AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! you don'tunderstand how happy I was to see this story on the updates page! loving the chapter! hope u update soon!
2/20/2011 c22 4Smilylily
Love it! Haha, I think its so cute Sakura is so busy, lots of things happening at the same time:)
2/20/2011 c22 SnowCharms
So far so good, your mistakes are not really that obvious anymore. I find it a pity that Suki has not been fired yet, and that Sakura is going to pay for her etiquette lessons, she doesn't deserve them. Update!
2/16/2011 c21 sakuraxsyaoranx007
Hi! Won't you continue your story, Business Relations? I really really like it. :D
1/22/2011 c21 sailorvickii11
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! PRETTY PLEASE! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY! There are so many twists and turns! So many things that could happen! How will the boys get the girls back! Cause they have to! It has to ba a happy ending! They have had so much heartbreak that they deserve happiness! I must say though that you do need to check over your sentences. You keep using "has" when you shouldn't... But in general your writting is very good, espically because English is not your first language.

May you continue writing and update soon! :D

xoxoxx sailorvickii
9/17/2010 c21 meatbunluver
Luv it! Its amazing! KEEP UPDATING!
4/29/2010 c21 Fled
definitely one of the best card captor sakura fanfictions left, plot wise. There is also a good improvement in the grammar compared to previous chapters.

I will definitely watch out for this fic :)

Good job!
4/10/2010 c1 1wingedangel791
I really like your story... :)

Plz update soon :d

It is soo cute and funny...

I wonder what Yelan has in store for them...haha... :)

Just check a bit of the spelling

otherwise great work :D
4/10/2010 c21 wingedangel791
OMG... that was funny

I wonder what Yelan has in mind for them?

It's really good :)

Hope you update soon :D
2/24/2010 c21 chainedheart999
Hmm... Might he be a cruel relative of Syaoran? XD I am just guessing here...
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