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2/21/2010 c21 pink-moon0
love this story.pls update faster :)
1/16/2010 c21 SpinnelMagic
Musette-san... I'm just curious. Why do you spell Eriol's last name Hiiraguizawa? I reckon it is Hiiragizawa, without the 'u' in it. However, I mean no harm. Your story is enjoyable... I would lie if I say that there are no errors, but I guess we aren't perfect, are we not? I look forward to the next chapter... Thank you for the New Year present.
1/5/2010 c21 kimmy kim
please keep up this story its really good the only thing is that i think that you need someone to revise your spellin but i love your story i can't wait for the next chapter!
1/4/2010 c21 SnowCharms
Oh dear, this is not good. I've noticed quite a few mistakes here, and they're quite noticable. However, the plot is as good and as engaging as always, which makes up for it. I've seen so many writers who not only have atrocious grammatical mistakes and writing errors, they also have lousy plots and no will or drive to improve themselves.

Xing is nothing but a pretentious brat who tugs on to his daddy's coattails for everything. I'm willing to bet that his father will not be pleased to know that he chose to vote for a stupid choice, at least the other board members knew better.

I'm very proud of the girls, and the way they handled the situation, though their shirts were not quite suitable to be worn in a business meeting. Update!
1/4/2010 c21 cupid17
yup like the chapter!

do update soon.

btw happy new year!
1/3/2010 c21 Suyi
wow! good chapter! although it was little hard to understand because of the spelling, so you might want to keep an eye out for that when you write the next chapter. oh and i cant wait for the next chapter! ek! who is the mystery man! we must know! oh and happy new year's!
1/2/2010 c21 ilovesyaoranforever
aw update soon please? :)

i hope there will be more on about their personal lives :)
1/2/2010 c15 ilovesyaoranforever
oh. nasty =))

but im not used with the guys being so low and stupid like that :(

oh well, its still good anyway :D

yehey! im almost done reading this fanfic :)

thanks! :)
1/2/2010 c21 11Midnight Blue Rose
Eep! Who is this man...sounds so scary~ Hehe~ It's too bad that their lives are only getting harder. Good luck on your senior year at college and hope you can find just a little time to continue your story once in a while. :D
1/2/2010 c14 ilovesyaoranforever
hahahahaa fierce ladies =)) hahahahaha. funny =))
1/1/2010 c10 ilovesyaoranforever
hahah i have to say this but this would be my favorite chapter! :)

i love it. haha its so funny, cute, lovely, heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. thankyou! :)
1/1/2010 c9 ilovesyaoranforever
what? thats it? :))

we im so happy thanks for the wonderful chapter :)
1/1/2010 c8 ilovesyaoranforever
aaw, my heart is breaking for them :((
1/1/2010 c6 ilovesyaoranforever
oh :)) im so excited for them to be together again :) n

thanks for the story, it is great :D
1/1/2010 c4 ilovesyaoranforever
omygod, suspense much? :((

its like serendipity haha it could almost make me cry haha

im so nervous with whats going to happen next =))
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