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for Dark Desire

1/10/2010 c5 30voldyismyfather
please continue this story
7/15/2009 c1 anywhoozles
great story... cant wait to read the rest! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
7/10/2009 c5 anywhoozles
good story love the plot! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
2/3/2008 c5 1tyrani13
love it
8/19/2007 c3 4sniff a sheep
I don’t want to scare half the world to death. It would be funny, but… never mind lol thats was the best part along with the you two, i want you to bind, great fic
5/28/2007 c1 1fauves
aww lol with the ending, u no the kinda backstage thing with draco and trinity/hermione. anyway, good story!


marie x
3/11/2007 c1 12Jiggy'N'FairPhili
When i say i'm reading your fan fic i mean this one. Yes i'm enjoying it it's v. cool. I think i will be reading 'With the Snakes' next. I review every story i read you don't need to ask. And thank you so much for saying i have a creative mind, thats a biiger compliment than when someone asked me if i was an art scholar. I think this story is soo cool the way Harry and Ron are dismissed. I especially like the authors note kind of thing, the way they argue is so cool. and i love the way that he drops her arm as soon as they are out of sight near the end. I will continue to review, love it, Jiggy.
2/11/2007 c5 4EmilyLovesYOU
ok i love this fanfic! its awesome...please update and continue b/c its awesome!
11/4/2006 c5 Megan Consoer
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?
10/8/2006 c5 14laffytaffy
you MUST comtinue this story!
10/1/2006 c5 RackleTackle
how dare you end it there! gah and at an important bit too

plz just write a last chappie that sums it all up then you can leave plz
9/16/2006 c5 5Illusions of Faith

since this story has not been finished on this site could you sent the rest of it to whiteroseblackrose because i'm really enjoying it. thank you if you are able to get me the rest of the story.

8/30/2006 c4 3The Evil Sheep
OMG i just read your story and i fell in love wih it, it is so..WOW! i can't ven describe it lol...anyways that last chapter was so cutee. i liv the coments you leave in your author notes, they crack me up and anyways UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!









8/29/2006 c4 PrettyPrincess01
that is so sad, plz update soon

8/28/2006 c4 cassih89
i love it and i hope that u will update soon
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