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for 50 Way's to Annoy Sasuke

5/10/2009 c4 2Moonlight Aqua
xD OMG! That is funny.

Man, she really is good at this. Poor Sasuke... xD

good job! update it soonish!
11/7/2007 c3 Mrs. Allieieie Uchihahaha
omk so funy, you gotta update...update or die
4/26/2007 c2 taxicatgirl1
did u just make that song or is it real? if its real wats the name? the name of the pain song.
4/7/2007 c3 2Hari Tsuki
*snatches cookie* M...'tis good. I really like how your doing your list, with a story added on like that. It's a very interesting idea filled with interesting possibilities. *thinks for a sec* I just might try one of seems fun. *smiles* Anyway, I can't wait until you update. Ja ne!
2/25/2007 c3 2BladesofTwilight
Pyro: Only 46 more to go Nee-san!

Sasuke: Yay... -_-

Pyro: Aww poor Sasuke! ... Oh lookie there! (points to Itachi)

Sasuke: (eviil grin)

Itachi: Oh crap...

Pyro and Sasuke: (beat the shit outta their brother)

Pyro: I have an idea for the fic! Beat him a DDR! I do it all the time at our house and he gets mad when he loses.

Sasuke: (holdind Itachi up by collar with Chdori in hand) Do NOT!

Pyro: Aww shut up and kill him already.

Sasuke: (pissed off face) (kills Itachi)
2/18/2007 c3 Teh Sasuke
One word: Amazing. Crazy and funny as hell! XD Keep up the great work Chibi!
2/10/2007 c3 1Hanayama
That was Hilarious!

Pissing off Sasuke would be my favorite pass-time!

except he would be dead after my first attempt of annoyance...

My urge to kill Sasuke can be a bad thing sometimes!.
2/4/2007 c2 3confoundingCoati
Bwahaha that was great...
1/29/2007 c2 1swt2chlk
Great brilliant work. sorry about the late review. Update soon as possible
1/2/2007 c2 88lostmoonchild
*snickers* oh, the horrible memories of a sleepover as a child.. embarassing then, hilarious when it happens to Sasuke. Can Nami switch all of Sasuke's clothes with skirts and all that stuff? As much as I love Sasuke-kun, torturing him is more fun. Update soon!
12/8/2006 c2 2BladesofTwilight
Pyro: um...Crap out of ideas...Review soon.
11/2/2006 c2 Dan-Chan Haru-San
Lol! Great chappie, Chibi! ^_^ nice work! can't wait for the third! Love this!
11/2/2006 c2 Kadeem
lol Very funny especialy the breakfast part XD
10/27/2006 c2 17XxpwnagexX

Funny as always.
10/27/2006 c2 This is annoying
I forgot to review and what if i dont review? Hmm?

Btw chapter 1 was better but this one was funny too
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