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for Kitsune No Kaori

8/11/2010 c1 19Anime Princess
Nice way to describe all the YuYu gang!

I LOVE how he was poetic about describing Kurama! And you meantioned Shiori too, wonderful!
4/14/2006 c1 8darksaphire
a lovely story.
11/23/2004 c1 thelly
that was really good. it was funny and poetic,write more.

11/20/2004 c1 14Katarik
Um. This story is just too good-can I write this from Kurama's POV?
10/27/2004 c1 3Terry-McElrath
Very nice, indeed. I enjoyed Yusuke's musings about his friends and mother. Thank you for showing a more sensitive aspect of Yusuke's personality. More authors need to do that, he's not just a muscle-bound thug, after all! I like your writing style very much. I hope you write many more YYH stories, particularly ones with yaoi pairings. Thanks!
9/27/2004 c1 shinkukitsune
How utterly kawaii. You write so well from Yusuke's perspective... ^_^ You've made me like this relationship so much more with a few fics.
8/25/2004 c1 nnootthhiinngg
OH MY GOD! Great story. Please write more!
8/18/2004 c1 kitty
heyy. nice story. write something from Kurama's point. would be nice. anyways just wanted to say nice story.
5/18/2004 c1 grey tears
I don't believe I need many words to describe how beautifully told was this story.
4/13/2004 c1 Dark Smile
4/6/2004 c1 6Hedi Dracona
3/23/2004 c1 20Skittles the Sugar Fairy
Kew ^^
3/9/2004 c1 Crystalstorm
Good fic.I enjoyed reading it.Ja.
2/11/2004 c1 5emesisbowl
XD that ish su kawaii! i love kurama/yusuke!
1/30/2004 c1 1Blue Ice Fox
Ah, Yusuke's sweetness is showing.**sigh and dreamy look**
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