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9/19/2015 c4 4Nevergonnafindme
-drowns in this one as well- you always write everyone so well 3
7/13/2006 c4 22Monochromatic Pylon
Wow, I catch a hunch about Fayt's plan. Yea, and Albel didn't want to give up his sword... it's understandable. ^^
7/5/2006 c4 1Randomboulder
Okay, I totally didn't get the convo with Fayt but that doesn't matter. :D

And it does seem very like Albel to run off at the first chance he gets. Him, wait? XD I have now read all your stories except the non-SO3 ones and can't decide which one I want you to update the fastest. =( Enjoying this one so far. ^^
6/26/2006 c4 4ThrogmortenMimic
Oh, i fully understand... The characters just wont do what they should... Cause of who they are. And I get what Fayt's up to. The whole "Yes Im on the side of the bad guys" 'but only until i can hit their weak spot' sorta plan. Im loving it. Lets see more!
6/22/2006 c4 16catesy
I like how Fayt and Sophia interacted in this chapter. I don’t quite understand what’s going on yet but I have a good idea. And yeah Albel is never one to listen but I’m sure Sophia will come up with something to calm him down. Good chapter, looking forward to more.
6/22/2006 c4 1keeki
I know characters seem to have a mind of their own, don't they? Especially ones like Albel *heehee* they never listen. This is getting interesting, I wonder how Albel is going to trust anyone anymore after this happened, I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Update soon, but I guess you already know that :P
6/22/2006 c3 keeki
Huh, what happened here? Yeah and you said I leave my stories at evil cliffhangers, but there is one more chapter for me to read. So I better catch up on it.

I can see this experience is probably going to make Albel blow up and start a massacre or something else horrible. Temper, temper *heehee*
6/22/2006 c2 keeki
This wasn't neccessarily filler, just because it didn't have action, I can live with that. I was going to read through the next chapter and not review but something struck my interest and I had to comment on it.

It's when you said Albel had become more withdrawn from the others, it caught my attention. Now I want to find out more, but I guess I have to read on ^_^
5/25/2006 c3 1the high-five revolution
Oh! I didn't see it coming at all! Good job! Can't wait for more~ please update son~
5/24/2006 c3 22Monochromatic Pylon
I like your fic. Update soon please...
5/23/2006 c3 7Shizuka Usagi
Is Fayt the bad guy? This was an interesting twist I did not expect. I can't wait for the next chapter.
5/23/2006 c3 dizzified
Yay, an update! :)

I have to be honest, I didn't see the twist coming at all. Perhaps I'm just a tad slow. Anyway, this was a good chapter. How can anyone be expected to make a decision like that? Keep writing!
5/22/2006 c3 16catesy
Oh so Fayt is a traitor? I wonder if the federation is just using him or what? Poor Albel! I wonder what he would have had her do? Save his life and betray everyone of let him possibly die and her with him. Good work on this chapter!
5/22/2006 c3 Forceuser3 the Jedi Master
WTF Fayt's with the federation hell no that make's no sense i mean his personality conflict with that but i see if they somehow convinced him to join making him believe he's doing the right thing i agree with it i not a fan of the government (ALL KINDS BECAUSE IN THE END THEY ALL GET BAD) so their no way you could convince me in to joining them (not all in the government are bad like Mrs Clinton and a few others) in some crusade like this war on terror which looks more like young people dieing just to make Bush and hid Rich supporters even richer (the crusades are one of the reasons i don't like the pope are his cardinals i don't hate catholic except the ones who start with me just them who do they think (the pope and his men) think they are God No God and Jesus are the only ones who can forgive are sins no one else,

well enough of my ranthing more chapters soon coia my friend
5/22/2006 c3 4ThrogmortenMimic
Ah, your so right, i didn't see it coming, but t doesnt suprise me, Fayt is always the enemy! As rice would say: DIE FAYT DIE! lol. And then the chapter title? Subtle, brilliant. I just know you wanted a compliment for it. The multiple meanings... Simply brilliant. Why cant i think of titles like that? It's not fair... But I really like this story. I have no idea why it wasn't favourited sooner... I look very forward to the next update.

P.S. Fayt in a fed suit? He would look like a dork. Then again, he almost always does... lol
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