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11/19/2011 c1 9HEARTxOFxTHExSTORM
Somehow, I think all the fangirls wanted a scene like this. Great job!
8/27/2010 c1 12Eadwine63

This has to be one of the best Kei/Sho lemons I've ever read. if it's not the best. And scratch the category too.

I think this is simply one of the very best things I've read so far.

I really loved it. It was detailed in the right places (well it felt like that for me), it was erotic (yes the fangirl inside me wants so shudder and squee sometimes too), it was pure bliss/heaven.

I'm not hesitating to put this in my faves...




(sorry for my foul mouth xD)
1/17/2010 c1 590928soubi at docomo.ne.jp
That was definitely the best portrayal of this scene I've ever read! ^.^ Great fic!
10/9/2008 c1 ShoXKei GacktXHYDE lover

It could have been better, but then what story doesn't have room for improvement?

you could have put more descriptions, and made it multichaptered (or just longer) but it was nice.
5/23/2008 c1 2Yukihiro Hanakawa
I love love love this movie. I really wish the scene could have ended that way. Gackt and Hyde... you brought my dream to life! Arigatou gozaimasu, and well done! ^_-
10/17/2007 c1 Isadora
That was so yaoiliscous! I loved the tension and the sensuality I sensed between Sho and Kei(not just the s*x itself even if that was good too;D) and your characterization of them was okay:DI've got nothing to complain about. Ah, I hope you'll write more yaoish stuff for whatever fandom you're in now because *I* like your writing!:)
8/6/2007 c1 Flyta
Bravo! My most favorite Moon Child fanfic to date.

You did a great job keeping them to character.

And I could actually see this happening in the film.

Too bad they didn't really add a scene like this.

Would have made alot of fangirls out there happy.

But I guess that's why we have writers like you to fulfill our dreams.

So I'd like to say thank you, on behalf of all Moon Child fangirls out there everywhere, thank you!

Please keep up the good work!

5/31/2007 c1 willow
I really loved this story. Whenever I see this scene in the movie I always think "You know you want to kiss him dammit!" (This goes for both of them). Your writing style is so colorful, it's not often that I find a fanfiction artist with some talent so please keep it up! The only thing I would recommend is to make it longer or another chapter please!
5/9/2007 c1 1Zillah's Return
Great fic XD I love the last two lines.


When I read the summary I misunderstood it and was all 'I might turn you on?' wtf o.O

3/28/2007 c1 4TragedyStorm
O_O...You have no idea how I just want to see Kei KISS Sho...or Gackt kiss Hyde...either would make my day!
3/15/2007 c1 1akatsuki-NIN-itachi
I liked it

It was good
2/20/2007 c1 3exposition de monstres
*le drool*i've always wanted that to happen too. :D

1/16/2007 c1 4Festive
E W That was beautiful!Its used innocent vocabulary but was erotic at the same time! simply marvelous~
1/14/2007 c1 4Daggergal
that's a good idea for the 'rest' of the scene! they should have SO done this in the movie... guess then it'd be like an X-rated movie...I would still go see (actually want to see it even more ^-^)!

9/7/2006 c1 17SnowFlakeSyndrome
OH! Make more of these! I love thois couple! *drools* PLEASE!
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