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4/28/2018 c78 rentamarker
this was an emotional roller coaster and I absolutely loved it
4/20/2011 c78 7procrastinating artist
i love love LOVE this! i never really thought about mark's childhood all that much... or The Scarf. (Which is epic) when i saw that this was from The Scar's perspective i was all like "This sounds pretty intresting..." AND THIS IS AMAZING! you almost made me cry! that's when you know its good, when your reader gets pulled in emotionally. KEEP WRITING! and don't give up!
1/2/2011 c1 1567573
So far, this is utterly adorable!
10/9/2010 c1 a girl
O.o 78 chapers... 78 FREAKING CHAPERS and from a SCARFS POV A SCARF cool idea none the lest good so far just77 chapters on the wall to go...
5/31/2010 c63 mirandakeene
Just reviewing to let you know that you have a pretty big contradiction in your story. Mark randomly introducing Collins, Lou, and April to the Life Cafe doesn't make sense because earlier on, you said that April was a waitress there. I don't know if you went back and changed something after you wrote this, forgetting, but all three of Mark's roomies already know about the Cafe.
5/31/2010 c12 miranda-keene
Dear God, you are tearing this kid to shreds! What I've read of your story so far is great, but the heaps of misfortune on poor Mark are just insane! How could Ms. Pratt not have reported his father to the authorities? I just cant imagine someone who is clearly so caring not having thought to stop the abuse by calling the police! She saw what was going on, and befriending him was good, but allowing beating like that to continue is unpardonable. Nothing against the story, except perhaps a bit of implausibility. I am certainly enjoying it so far.
5/29/2010 c61 9MarisPallitax
april reminds me of me... i always have to try really hard not to giggle when i hear cute guys swear. GREAT fanfic!
5/29/2010 c59 MarisPallitax
*gasp* Roger stole Mark's song! ('cause technically (according to your fanfic) Mark wrote it first!) It probably just seeped through.
5/29/2010 c33 MarisPallitax
I could NOT stop laughing in this chapter! I love the camera vs. scarf thing. LOL!
5/29/2010 c24 MarisPallitax
wow, you sure have filled this story with a heap of irony... i'm lovin' it!
5/29/2010 c17 MarisPallitax
This will sound weird, but as soon as Mark said, "F*** off" he sounded more like Mark. Sad, but true, he has now graduated to "manhood"
5/29/2010 c12 MarisPallitax
wait... what! MUFFY/ALISON? Sh*t, he's related to Benny!
5/27/2010 c9 MarisPallitax
Am I the only person who feels like giving Mark a big hug?
5/27/2010 c5 MarisPallitax
So sweet! I love Mark so much and I think this is a great idea! He wouldn't be my Mark without his scarf.
5/18/2010 c78 2Winniefred101
OMG... Parachute pants? Really Marky?


Really good chapter. I like where the story is going. :)
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