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for Drunk: A Love Story In Two Parts

4/26/2006 c1 Little Eirtae
I love this. I seriously, desperately love it. It's so beautiful, and hilarious, and I'm going to be quoting the last line as long as *I* live. Seriously. I just said it to the guy sitting next to me and he started singing. 0_o

Anyway. Patsy and Jamie are adorable. And I love drunk!Jude, and I love Tommy kissing her the second she turns 18, because that's so just perfect. *sappy sigh*

Anyway (again). You must write more soon. Or else I'll release the flying monkeys.

Don't say I didn't warn you.
4/24/2006 c1 14supposed rockstar
That was probably one of the best things I've ever seen on this stupid site. That was... brilliant.

I'm speechless.
4/24/2006 c1 Duddley111
That was so GOOD
4/24/2006 c1 anberzen
that was very interesting and i liked it. good job
4/24/2006 c1 1kris145
wow...wow is the best way to describe how im feeling right now. i am litteraly in love with your writing. wow. haha!see. its like the only word in my vocabulary now. i hope you do some more story's because this was incredibly good.

4/24/2006 c1 J
legal drinking age in Canada is actually 19
4/24/2006 c1 3thatgirlyoucantrust
At first [I'm not going to lie] I was like wtf? You know I saw the dialougue with out quotations and Jude drinking [illegally?] But then somewhere between the beginning and the end. I fell in love with it. It's like poetry-the repetition, the crazy imagery. It made me smile...Jude in the men's restroom. It was funny and good. I'm glad that I finished reading it. :)
4/23/2006 c1 3Boaz Priestly
Sweet! This just flows and is awesome as always.I miss RFR fic but this fills the void. I miss your stories period. Thanks and I hope you feel inspired to write more soon. There's a possibility after seeing the promos right?
4/23/2006 c1 10caalan
I'm not your first but baby I'll be your best! ;)

First of all, I just love that your bring alive Jamie and Patsy. Everyone in this fandom is infatuated with Jude/Tommy for good reason but Jamie and Patsy deserve airplay too cause they are hot! They are very deserving of every bit of attention and devotion you've shown for both pairings here.

I hate you. For that lead up til Tommy tells Jude where she is. Oh, you slapped me right out my drunken stupor too, right along with Jude! I was flowin with the honey right then, honey!

Just fantastic flow here. A wonderful vision of flash imagery, just like being "tipsy." And the Jamie / Patsy how they speak volumes with a nibble or a bite. Guh.

I just love your writing ... and you!
4/23/2006 c1 21Romulus
Hi, I love you. This is...amazing. Your writing is like poetry or something. The repetition and the sentence structure and the imagery are all amazing and beautiful. And it's Tommy/Jude and Jamie/Patsy, so of course it rocks. Guh. *loves*
4/23/2006 c1 9DustNWind
Aha yet another Roscoeism to Instant Starism converter...what shall we ever do with ourselves?

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