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7/29/2006 c1 fantasy regina
IF I WAS THEM I WOULD KILL HIM any way great story hope 2 c more storys in future ps should wright more (shoudla,coulda,woulda)
7/24/2006 c1 whimsy007
Why wouldn't Malfoy be killed in a very painful manner by the Weasleys, Harry, Hermione, Tonks, and others (take your pick)? I never saw Draco as suicidal which he would have to be to act the way you described. This was a pointless and annoying story.
7/24/2006 c1 2murgel
Sorry, I stumbled over this fic.

I just can say one thing, kill Malfoy. Stories like tis make me physikally sick. Sorry it is disgusting, not the sex but Aalfoy.

This is not Angst...
4/26/2006 c1 luckeyduckie
That was... original. But I liked it. You should write more chapters.
4/26/2006 c1 dren999
wow ur sick lol
4/25/2006 c1 13meenajon
I like the twist in that one...and it keeps draco exactly as he should be, the little shite.
4/25/2006 c1 MizzDL
o... I loved it! but man! Draco iz devious az usual
4/25/2006 c1 ice princess40
That was odd...

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