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for Shadows to a Song

1/3/2013 c36 13EwigeStudentin
Thank you so much for this story! I loved it to bits. I am guilty of leaving no reviews to the single chapters, but if it's any excuse, I read this story in under three days from my cell-phone O.o Just couldn't stop for long enough to log in here from my regular PC. I guess it's my loss more than yours because your story often left me bubbling with emotions and *needing* to add my two cents to the chapter I'd just read, but alas.

Now I don't even know where to begin... so let me begin at the end.

Thank you for this extremely satisfying HAPPY END! It was so good to read about Audrey meeting all those special people at the concert. I didn't dare hope she and Evey would meet later but they did, and where? In the Gallery! Eee! And they talked! Wheee! Thank you so much for that.

The very ending tore my heart apart. It was a happy ending too, I guess, but it reminded me of how terribly I miss V :( The scene was so bittersweet, so final, and so beautiful that I couldn't hold back tears. I love it how the story was about V and Audrey, and you finished it with V and Audrey, but also made sure that Evey would meet V too, if only once, when the time came... *sniffle* He was so special to them, and they were special to him, and I have no idea how but you managed to write him even more in character in these last lines than in the rest of the story (and your V was *always* spot-on, mind you!). V, forever elegant and graceful, forever special, holding a piece of their hearts... "Unforgettable in every way, And forever more, that's how you'll stay..." How true. *sniffle*

I have to compliment you on your Audrey. What a wonderful original character she turned out to be! I loved her by the end of the first chapter actually, but she only kept getting better :) By the time she took interest in V, I wouldn't have minded some romance there ;) But I see of course that your way was the way to go. Anyhow, you managed to make Audrey such an outstanding character that I really, truly cared for her. That was also the reason why the very ending of the story had such an emotional impact on me, I guess...

Your plot was amazing. The Mystery! Oooh! And The Adventure! Aaah! Very clever, very detailed, everything made sense and was tied so wonderfully together in the end. And I really loved it how you managed to fit everything into canon. What a ride it was! AND of course I noticed how you sneaked in The Bed and The Apron! (and the toiletries and the pretty dress that Audrey left behind) Haha! Clever, clever! I had a feeling these things from the movie bugged you and you had to get them sorted out, and I think it's really funny that you mention the spare bedroom as your motivation to write the whole story in the final A/N :D Oh, and the jukebox! Clever you!

Also, thank you for the light banter between V and Audrey :) It's so nice to think he had some cheerful moments and not only scheming in those twenty years. And on a totally different note - that letter V left Audrey, and she asked Evey whether he knew he'd die, that made me sad all over again *sniff* But it was funny when V kept quoting the same stuff at all the baddies and Audrey suggested he shortened the quotes :p

THANK YOU for this wonderful insight on how V as we know him came to be.
12/6/2012 c33 cordycepsowl
This... actually made me tear up. This is a very well written story, believable as well. I love the roller coaster known as Audrey. I don't mean roller coaster in a bad way, but she is very much similar to one. Ups, downs, side to side, and the end... the end just made it. I actually did tear up. Before I begin to babble on much longer, I have to say this is a beautiful story and very well written.
6/27/2012 c36 122ZabuzasGirl
Nice job with this one. Very, very interesting.
6/27/2012 c1 ZabuzasGirl
1/9/2012 c6 11Loboscha
a short review so long. i luckily have still many chapters to read and i am loving it. great story and veeery suspenseful. thank you!
5/14/2011 c36 remi barrett
you are such a brilliant writer, i actually cried at this chapter, thank you
12/11/2010 c36 45jjhatter
Regarding this story, I can say only this: HOLY. COW. That was INCREDIBLE!
6/5/2010 c36 WickedGood
Dang! I wanted to see why no more X-Men story - what you've been up to. So I stsrted reading this one - three days ago. Now my eyes are teary and its not just eyestrain. Girl you sure know how to tell a tale. Now I'll have to read your other stories. This was a great read! Thanks much
5/28/2010 c36 megumisakura
great chapter,update soon,please!
5/28/2010 c36 8dog youkai jane
I love this story. I missed the last few chapters, but I amcaught up and love how you ended it, though it might have been a bit rushed. Definitely a favorite
5/28/2010 c36 3BookishBatReads
Absolutely wonderful ending! I'm glad she got to see V again, so rather bittersweet. But hey, I like bittersweet. I've been reading this story for years now, and the ending was definately worthy of such a great story.
5/28/2010 c36 3BlaqueCat13
Good idea for why he had a spare bedroom. I just thought he had it so when he got tired of reading the books he had stored there, he would just sleep there too.

I hope you have more "V" stories in the works!

4/30/2010 c35 3BookishBatReads
This was a very beautiful story. So much bittersweetness to it, it's good to have a story that's different once in awhile. You also have incredible writing skills.
3/10/2010 c35 3BlaqueCat13
Ahh, the day he met Audrey? 0408 or 0804?

I like that Evey is with Eric, but in the GN I believe she would be with Dominic. But I love this story, so I'll patiently wait for more. :)
12/27/2009 c34 Cybernetic Mango
This was a cute story. ^-^ I'm glad I read it.
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