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for Irrevocable Decision

5/19/2006 c7 9Natters
poor jack
5/19/2006 c6 Natters
brilliant chapter. poor oscar ;)
5/19/2006 c5 Natters
lolol. great tension
5/17/2006 c7 froggy0319
Got me wondering when they will talk as I am sure Sam can nail him to the tree without Jacob's help ;)
5/17/2006 c7 12janissima
Good chapter. I liked the bit of introspection Jack offered at the end...made me not quite so PO'd at him! :) And don't worry, I won't stop reading! I realize you put this in the angst category for a reason so will have to be patient! I do enjoy your Jack/Jacob moments - a nice bit of lightness added to the story!
5/17/2006 c7 liketoread
LOL. I am absolutely in love with Jacob Carter right now, and his persistence. And though I didn't hear Selmak speak up at all, I'm sure she's behind his tough love for Jack.

I know from your story that Jack really is very upset at himself for putting his friends in the situations in which he put them leading up to this story. So I hope you get to deal with that in his interactions with them. I'm not sure they quite understand where he's coming from... they just see it as the fact that they miss him and are irritated at him for "wussing out."

BTW, loved that word..."termagant." You do know that, etymologically, it refers to angry female deities, don't you? Excellent choice. :)
5/17/2006 c7 10TLWROX
O-h-h-h! Pining for Sam! I can't wait for the next chapter. :) :) :)
5/17/2006 c7 87mishy-mo
and jake takes leave - hmm wonder whats gonna happen - please don't keep us waiting!
5/15/2006 c6 23Arrant Schemata
Oh, angry Sam. Hehehe - love it.

I'm intrigued and looking forward to more.

Arrant Schemata
5/15/2006 c6 10TLWROX
Sam acting cold towards Jack- I love that side of her. I want them to go to the dance now! Can't wait for the next chapter. ;) :) :)
5/14/2006 c6 87mishy-mo
o that was a lot of tension lol - if i were Sam i would have slapped both of them by now lol

keep up the good work!
5/14/2006 c6 12janissima
Very good could feel the tension! I do hope you let Sam wallop Jack one at sometime. He is being such a smug bastard that he is irritating me no end! Taking pleasure at her obvious discomforture with the dog and then his smarmy comment about commands...I really wished she would have decked him or told him off before leaving. He needs to do some serious apologizing...dont' let it be easy for him to get back into her good graces.
5/14/2006 c6 froggy0319
Oscar sure knows a good thing when he met Jack O'Neill, just hope Sam can realise that too with that stubborn silver haired man :)
5/14/2006 c6 liketoread
Br! And I thought the snow was cold! So it's slowly dawning on me... is Jacob trying to play peacemaker? or matchmaker?
5/14/2006 c6 8Little Miss Sci-Fi
another very good chapter, hope to see more up soon
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